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Do you know how to protect yourself from energy vampires?

Many have heard, but not everyone knows whoenergy vampires. Is it really the evil that they show us from the TV screens? Then where do they have fangs and other horrible "gadgets"? No, this comparison is very arbitrary. As a rule, the signs of an energetic vampire are not his appearance (although appearance often reflects our essence), but his manner of behavior.
Even if it is pleasant to look at, neat andeducated, but a vampire-type person somehow tries to provoke conflicts, scandals. He sows strife and it should be noted that this is not bad for him.
How to protect yourself from energy vampiresnot to be dragged into the whirlpool of petty quarrels and not to lose energy? First, consider that there are conscious energy vampires, that is, they know their essence, know what and how to do to force a person to part with their energy, and do it purposefully. But such people are not so many. And even more - they are few in number. Most energy vampires are people who do not knowingly. Sometimes they themselves do not realize why they are provoking strife. But in fact, the reason, of course, is there is energy supply in case of lack of one's own. Therefore, the first rule that teaches us how to protect ourselves from energy vampires is not to succumb to provocations. Yes exactly. If you reacted to his attacks, then you have discovered your aura, and the drain of precious energy has begun. It flows into the aura of a vampire on the principle of communicating vessels - we know about them from the course of physics, remember?
Why does a vampire sow the quarrels, but, for example, notis trying to do something very good to make you throw out energy through joy and delight? Why does he need energy with a minus sign?
There is an explanation for this.The fact is that the human aura is open to the kindred energy, that is, for the energy having the same basis. And energy vampires are fueled by negative energy, since it is she who is close to them and is the easiest to get. Therefore, they provoke others to splash out the same negative energy of anger, irritation, resentment.
If you do not know how to protect yourself fromenergy vampires, the simplest, but the most effective, you can do is carry a mirror, directed by the reflecting side outward. In this way, you will mirror the interlocutor: his messages and conflicts, which he so eager to exchange with you, will return to him.
And one more effective way, how to protect yourself fromenergy vampires - imagine that you are covered with a translucent silver or lilac glass dome. Something like mirrored sunglasses that allow you to see the interlocutor, and it will be harder for him to see you. Imagine that this is your defense and rest assured that this dome will protect you from the vampire.
But the main rule:you can feel any feelings for him, but not anger, anger, annoyance, irritation - these are the low-key feelings and give the vampire the energy he needs, as we said above.
If you are a believer, then carry with you an incense, consecrated in the church or the Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Some believe that from such provocations protect and amulets, for example, round jewelry jewelry made of gold: earrings, rings.
But it is best to sincerely understand that anger is not the best helper, and your inner harmony, spiritual principle is the most effective defense.
To achieve this is not so easy, but only workingabove yourself, you can strengthen your spiritual and physical strength, make your aura impenetrable for any black thoughts and actions, whether it's energy vampirism, spoiling or evil eye. Your protection is in you.