/ / Personality implies a person's ability to be useful to society

Personality implies the ability of a person to be useful to society

Personality implies a person's ability to be a representative of the social environment in an individual way of being.

Personality is not born, it becomes

Already since birth, the child is endowedindividuality and uniqueness. He immediately gets the experience of socialization - through his family, the nearest entourage. During this period, psychological features of his personality are manifested: temperament, intellectual gifts, speech.

Personality implies a person's ability to do this

Individual inclinations are manifested in the type of social interactions and are further developed.

The most important period is the schoolsocialization. It is the school that is focused on the development of the personal beginning in a person, his successful socialization in the attainment of adulthood. Personality implies the ability of a person (this may be his individual giftedness) to manifest himself in a certain sphere of behavior or activity.

Psychological characteristics of personality

Human psychology has a great influence on the way it is self-realized in society. From his type of temperament, behavioral characteristics, depends technology of socialization, adaptation in society.

There is a direct link between psychologicalportrait of personality and type of social behavior. That is why many professions require certain psychological qualities in a person. Personality implies a person's ability to use his inclinations and personal uniqueness in an optimal way in social practice.

Social characteristics of the personality

On the external attributes and realthe positioning of a person in society, in accordance with the rights and responsibilities, the level of social hierarchy that a person occupies, his status is manifested, and in the manner and form of interaction - the role in society.

personality implies a person's ability

Personality implies the ability of a person to perform in several social roles.

A successful business lady, by status - the head,at the same time can fulfill the role of mother, wife. On the social dimension, belonging to different social institutions also affects. Religion, nationality, geographical location of a person constitute an aggregate characteristic of the individual.

Personality and Society

Not only does society create personality. It implies the ability of a person to influence society and a strong personality. In history, a large number of examples are known, when the influence of bright representatives of mankind determined the course of historical events.

An example of this is the famouscommanders, politicians, famous representatives of culture. It is no accident that mythology connects the appearance of cities with the names of people. The great philosophers who created the ideology - GVF. Hegel, K. Marx, F. Nietzsche - had a tremendous impact on the development of society.

Personality implies a person's ability(social science devotes a special section to this) to form a social environment. As an example, the founders of well-known schools, currents, trends, systems of knowledge in narrow professions can serve.

personality implies a person's ability to social knowledge

A modern example may be Steve Jobs,the creator of the Apple brand and the legislator of design and technical quality of this brand's products. This is an entire industrial empire, which had a strong influence on the development of technology.

Personality and society are thus inseparablyrelated concepts. The quality of society forms the personality. Personality can have a fundamental impact on society. The main thing in the process is their positive orientation.