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Psychologist Veronika Stepanova: biography, personal life

A highly qualified professional, a psychologist witha huge work experience, which is now very popular, is Veronika Stepanova. Her biography at the same time on foreign resources is not too widely replicated, so our article will be based directly on the words of the psychologist, as well as information from official pages on social networks.


Stepanova Veronika Yurevna was born on August 14, 1978. To date, she works by education, clinical psychologist at FGBU SPb NIPNI named after VM Bekhterev.

Trained Veronika Stepanova in St. Petersburg State University, at the Faculty of Psychology, at the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychophysiology, where she received a completed higher education.

In addition, she also graduated from two otherthe last of which is in America. This confirms the high qualification, for which Veronika Stepanova collects reviews with good wishes and thanks. She received a secondary education at school No. 77 in the city of St. Petersburg. There she studied full 11 classes.

A family

Psychologist Veronika Stepanova prefers notdistribute information about his wife. However, it is known that there is one. Unfortunately, no source in Internet networks can not find out who Veronika Stepanova married. Personal life in this case is not completely concealed: it is known that a woman has two daughters.

Veronica Stepanova's private life
The elder, Alexandra Stepanova, for todayThe year 2016 lives in America and actively supports the activities of his mother, filming review videos of her open lessons and discussions. With the youngest daughter, the Internet star practically does not part. On personal pages in social networks, you can see a lot of their joint pictures from different corners of the planet, where they spend their time in the family circle at weekends.

Activity on YouTube

The personal blog is owned not only by the eldest daughter, but also by Veronika Stepanova herself. Psychologist shares with people professional knowledge, gives advice, discusses on his channel the main problems of society and, of course, mental illness, their subtleties and features.

Veronica Stepanova reviews

The channel has already gathered more than 50 thousandfans who follow her creativity and work, and some videos collect more than 200,000 views. Veronica Stepanova reviews under these videos trying to read regularly, she also consults in Skype and whenever possible tries to answer potential patients in private messages.

The Veronika Stepanova channel was established on August 23 in2012, although it started its activity much later - 3 years ago. The total number of views for 2016 is 7 and a half million!

Veronica Stepanova
This resource contains many uniqueinformation, some of which can not be "obtained" on third-party resources. Discussing a topic, a medical psychologist does it with such professionalism that the viewers get the impression that at the moment they are personally consulting with her.

Speaking of various diagnoses, Veronika Stepanovaalways introduces his opinion and bypassing the ways of calming the viewers in the event that they suddenly suffer. Videos also often have a humorous character, where the psychologist cranks, sings songs with his beloved daughter and the like. This serves as a kind of detente between serious topics, which she also often discovers in a light premise.

Foul language

The specific approach of this woman is considered by some people to be wrong, however, with the help of bold statements and bold words, a psychologist manages to attract the attention of young people.

Some people come to her channel, just to laugh, relax, and in the process involuntarily learn new, useful information about people, their nature and mental illnesses.

Veronika Stepanova

Veronika Stepanova most often affects topics of sex and allarising from this issue. Such a brave move the psychologist does with dignity, not allowing himself excess, and, despite the profanity, she never offends people or any psychological deviations. We can say that even on the contrary: it refers to the mentally ill with some respect and tries to explain it in an accessible language.

Sexual preferences

This topic may sound defiant, but inMany people are interested in the answers to such questions. Following the video blog post Stepanova, you can draw a logical conclusion that she likes men with unusual inclinations.

The fact is that the psychologist herself repeatedly repeated andDo not be shy about this reminding: guys and men in women's clothing, with cutesy habits or the love of dressing in clothes that do not match their sex attract her from an early age.

Veronica Stepanova psychologist

Due to the fact that a woman does not hide such avulgar fact (according to the majority of the inhabitants of Russia), her words do not cause a foolhardy desire to condemn someone else's personal preferences. Thus, the psychologist succeeds in provoking the trust of his viewers, because it is completely open to them, even if it is a question of what does not necessarily have to be put on public display.

Characteristics of character

On the personal qualities of Veronika Stepanova, you canthere are a lot of things to say, and all of them look positive from the outside. First of all, it is an open person, without any complexes and beliefs imposed on society.

This person has a hard, domineering character,not forgiving offenses or simply not perceiving them. This quality allows her to be as professional as possible in her statements, conclusions and even in simple communication with people who need her help.

Veronica Stepanova biography

The psychologist is always specific in his words andnever abandons them, which makes it convenient to watch her video blog, because it provides him with structuredness, reliability and consistency. Speaking about a common theme, Veronika Stepanova always talks about the branches adjoining her, and with this help her viewers can always find exactly the information that interests them at the moment.

Although in the statements of a medical workerinstitutions can often hear completely unacceptable things associated with feces, bawdy jokes and all nearby, fans of creativity do not perceive this as something serious. With the help of such a feature, viewers can laugh heartily and relax as much as possible, even if the main informational load is devoted to their problems.

Let's sum up the results

Modern and humorous approaches, even toas serious things as psychiatry and psychophysiology, sometimes can only benefit if a person really knows how to use these techniques.

Veronica Stepanova - a psychologist is the one who is able to use innovations in the youth environment with sufficient professionalism and quality.