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Can a person live without feelings and life?

Can a person live without feelings? Sooner or later this question arises for every person. Is it worth replacing emotions with reason? In the world, you can find thousands of people who believe that living costs, including common sense, because it is so calm and stable. Others, on the contrary, do not represent their lives without constant bright bursts of emotion. As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Let's find out how to try to balance these two antipodes: rationality and emotionality?

can a person live without feelings


Every person has something to fear andin something to doubt. Cold mind often "helps" us: it protects us from tragedies, helps us to comprehend complex situations and come to a definite conclusion. Life without feelings protects us from disappointments, but also does not allow sincere rejoicing. Can a person live without feelings? Definitely - can not. That's why we and people are to express emotions.

Another thing is that within us there is a constant strugglebetween reason and feelings. Man is not perfect, he almost every day has to think about what to do. Very often we react to this or that situation, guided by generally accepted rules.

For example, if we are undeservedly criticizedchief, then, as a rule, we do not react very violently, but agree or calmly try to justify ourselves. With this variant of events, the mind wins, which awakens in us the instinct of self-preservation. Certainly, feelings in human life play an important role, but to be able to control them if necessary - good quality.

feelings in human life


Can a person live without feelings? We are not robots, each of us is constantly experiencing a variety of emotions. Reason is given to people so that they know how to show emotions. Anger, joy, love, fear, sadness - who does not know all these feelings? Characterization of human feelings is very wide and multifaceted. It's just that people show them in different ways. Someone immediately splashes out all his joy or anger at others, and someone hides his emotions very deeply.

In our time, the manifestation of feelings is not considered"Fashionable". If a guy sings songs under the balcony of a lover, it's more likely to be called eccentricity, rather than a manifestation of the most sincere feelings. We became afraid to show our feelings even to the closest people. Very often, in pursuit of a happy life, we forget about our emotional state. Many really try to hide their feelings as far as possible. In modern society it is believed that the ability to show emotions is a sign of weakness. A person who experiences feelings will always be more vulnerable than a person who has everything built on the calculation. But at the same time, an emotional person can be happier than a rationalist.

characterization of human feelings

Different emotions can bring both greathappiness, and painful pain. Can a person live without feelings? Can not and should not! If you know how to feel, then you live an interesting life. Be able to rejoice at simple things, do not worry about trifles and look at the world with optimism. If you can "make friends" with your emotional and rational "I", then uniquely achieve harmony and happiness.