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The stages of love: from falling in love with the present

Love is art and true work. Love is a never-ending process. It is impossible to just take sincerely and unconditionally love someone. Life is not

stages of love
similar to an empty tabloid novel, and for eachreal relationships are many difficulties and stages of love. One of the most exalted human feelings is seen in the theory of relationships, psychology and sociology. Modern science will distinguish 7 stages of love.


At this stage, the whole world seems to be ornamented inthe brightest colors, everything sparkles and sings. At the first stage of love, the body releases special hormones responsible for happiness and pleasure. During this period, one should not take serious and responsible decisions, since the person himself is in a state of euphoria and drug intoxication.


The need for pleasure is constantrequires ever larger and unique doses. You can not enjoy the same cake or chocolate for a long time. So at this stage of love any euphoria comes quite a logical end. But it can not be said that this is a deadlock for relations.


What seemed incredibly beautiful andromantic, passes through your fingers like sand. Everything is perceived in not the best light, which leads to constant analysis and mental anguish about the correctness of their choice. Many people get divorced at this stage of love, rejecting all attempts to find points of joint development.


One of the most difficult stages in achievingtrue love. Whether he wants a man or not, inside him is a real war between the desires of his own ego and the needs of his lover. Often, people become more loved: there are children. And at this stage of love, as never before, it is necessary to acquire serpent patience.


There are two more stages of love ahead, and more than halfways - behind. Having been defeated at the last stage, the ego goes to the background, and service to a loved one becomes the most important life priority in marital relations.

stage of love through the eyes of a psychologist

True respect for a spouse or lover can come only after full service to his interests and reciprocity on his part.


"And they lived happily ever after ..." True loveyou will not find in movies and books. As a rule, the whole love line ends at the first stage, leaving the reader or viewer with faith in the boundlessness and permanence of happiness and understanding. Only after passing fire and water, fighting with different predators on the way, you can achieve true love. It does not last a month, not a year, it's a long way in decades.

7 stages of love
The stages of love through the eyes of a psychologist are a set ofrelated items, which each pair goes through in the process of its formation and strengthening. But it can not be said that it is through this route that all marital relations develop. Someone can get stuck at one stage, and someone can go on a very different path, reaching the finish line much faster. The main thing is to understand that love is hard work, analysis, the desire for compromise. About this written a lot of books, many of which are not worth a penny. One of the best books about love is Erich Fromm's work "The Art of Loving."