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Persistence is ... How to develop self-determination and perseverance?

Persistence is a character trait that is inherent inall successful people. After all, to be honest, without this internal quality they simply could not reach the present situation. But what exactly do people mean when they talk about perseverance? Why do some people have this feature, but others do not? And is it possible to develop a stubbornness if, from birth, nature did not reward them?

persistence is

What is perseverance?

Persistence is a special trait of character, thanks towhich a person does not surrender under the influence of certain factors and does not pass before difficulties and obstacles. At the same time, one important point should be borne in mind: in this context we mean just temporary troubles or failures. For example, persistence is when a tired traveler continues to go to the designated goal. Or when the programmer, without regretting one's own strength, spends one hour after another, modifying the binary code of the program.

I mean persistence is the power that allowswin in those cases when all circumstances say otherwise. That is why this character trait is so necessary for those who strive to become better than others. Indeed, only by relying on one's own perseverance and willpower, a person can conquer the peaks.

perseverance in achieving the goal

Persistence and stubbornness: what's the difference?

Unfortunately, few people are able to see thata fine line that distinguishes persistence from stubbornness. However, if the first feature makes people better, then the second, on the contrary, can lead them to collapse. And therefore let's understand the fundamental differences between these two concepts.

So, persistence is something similar topurposefulness. For example, a person has set himself a goal and tries to achieve it by all possible means. At the same time, he soberly assesses the chances of success, planning each step.

As for stubbornness, it is rather caused byemotional impulse, rather than reasonableness or sanity. It is because of this character trait that a person does not give up even when there is no chance of success. But! In this situation, he is guided by an irresistible desire to get a victory, behaving like a child in a candy store.

stubbornness and stubbornness

How to develop perseverance and purpose?

Now, we think, everyone understands why you need persistence in achieving the goal. But how to cultivate this trait in yourself?

To begin with, this is a very difficult path to go throughwhich is capable of not everyone. But the prize, waiting at the end, is worth the effort. So, here are some tips that can increase your dedication and perseverance:

  1. Learn to set yourself the right goals. On the one hand, they must be ambitious, and on the other hand they are quite feasible.
  2. At the same time, it's better to concentrate onSmall assignments that can be completed within a few weeks. Having done this, you will feel the joy of victory, which will serve as a good motivation in the future.
  3. Be prepared for defeats - they arean integral part of this journey. However, do not be upset about them. Take mistakes as a way to get new experience and try not to step on the same rake several times.
  4. Never drop a job halfway through, even if this goal is no longer a priority.
  5. Ultimately get yourself a diary. It will help you to plan your time competently, and will also be proof that your life is changing for the better.