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What are the characters in people? Main features

In personal or working relationships, we alwayswe draw attention to the characters of people with whom we interact. In accordance with their own qualities and characteristics, we choose our partners for life, friends and friends. With someone, it is certainly easier for us to communicate, and with someone we can not find common points. It all depends not only on lifestyle, preferences, education and interests, but also on our inner qualities that nature has laid in us. So, what kind of character does a person have?

what are the characters in people

Character is the main parameter by which wewe can usually appreciate a person. What are the characters in people? Difficult or easy, weak or strong - these descriptions are used most often and point to the main features of a person who shape his way of life and the main directions of development. At the same time, a person's ability is to change. Depending on the goals, persistence and perseverance, we can change the main features from negative to positive.

Let us dwell in more detail on what are the features of a person's character:

  • Attitude towards other people, the way we see themand how we perceive, plays a big role in our social life. In this group there are such traits as sociability and tactfulness, attentiveness, courtesy, respect for people and their interests. Opposing features that relate to negative ones are rudeness and impoliteness, contempt, isolation, etc.
  • Attitude to work and activities. Positive character traits in this group are diligence and conscientiousness, responsibility and a propensity for creative activity. Opposite to these features are laziness, irresponsibility, lack of initiative, passivity.
  • Attitude to yourself is very important for everyone. On this depends the quality and standard of living, the moral foundation and development of the individual. What are the characters in people who have inadequate self-esteem? In the case of increased self-conceit, a person can become vain and arrogant, arrogant or touchy. Self-centeredness and selfishness are extreme manifestations of overestimated self-esteem, in which a person puts himself and his feelings in the center, paying no attention to others. A harmoniously developed personality with normal self-esteem has an adequate sense of self-worth, adequate pride and self-criticism, which help to evaluate actions and behave in accordance with one's own beliefs.
  • Attitude to the surrounding objects. The inherent features of each of us in the form of a propensity for order or untidiness tell others about our inner world.

what kind of character does a person

So, depending on the set of differentfeatures you can determine what kind of characters people have. The main or core qualities are relations to people around and to work. These are the main criteria, and if you want to change the character you need to start a complex work, changing for the better.

what are the traits of a person's character

Regardless of what kind of characters there arepeople, it is necessary to remember that they are not hereditary or innate factors. They can be classified as social, which are brought up and formed in the process of growing up.