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Pistol Makarov Pneumatic: main characteristics and reviews

The Makarov Pneumatic Pistol representsalmost a full copy of the real, fighting "Makarov", glorified the name of its creator to the whole world. The main difference between the pneumatic version is, of course, much less power, smaller caliber and the need to use gas cartridges. Outwardly, however, it can not be distinguished from the combat variant - everything has been reconciled and recreated to the smallest detail. The Makarov pneumatic gun is also identical in strength, usability and manufacturing quality.

Pneumatic pistols of Makarov
The main advantage of PP is absenceneed to obtain a license to wear them. Of course, the power of pneumatics can not be very large or at least comparable to a traumatic weapon, but it is much easier to get it, and the prices for it are not too great.

Currently, there is a huge numbervarious pistols and rifles equipped with gas cylinders, a system of "pumping" and "fracture." The spread of prices and capacity is very high - some are very small, the price of others is comparable to the price of military weapons; the power of some is enough for a full-fledged hunt, and from others it does not work and the bank is split from ten steps.

In the market of "safe weapons" pneumaticMakarov pistols are one of the most popular. This is not surprising. Still: an analog, though not too powerful, the most famous Russian military pistol, for carrying which does not need any permission! Very attractive model, especially if we take into account that the external differences between the pneumatic and combat version are minimal.

Pistol Makarov Pneumatic
And the characteristics are very attractive,given its relatively low cost: with a light weight (slightly more than 0.7 kilograms) Makarova Pneumatic pistol has a very high strength. Durability of weapons adds a very high quality assembly and material.

The flight speed of the bullet (initial) is approximately 110 meters per second, the magazine contains 12 balls of caliber 4,5, there is the possibility of shooting with self-cocking.

Bullets are used steel spherical, cartridges - 12 grams, gas-filled CO2.

Like any other weapon, the Makarov Pneumatic pistol has both pluses and minuses.

Pneumatic pistol Makarova reviews
Its advantages can be considered safety(with accidental entry into a person, he will not be seriously injured), external resemblance to combat weapons, ease of use, material of manufacture (steel), durability. In addition, this gun is powerful and accurate. Yes, both accessibility and small size speak in his favor.

Disadvantages of "Makarov", too, is, althoughfew. So, this pistol has a relatively low range of fire, not too elegant. In addition, with frequent use, it can start to flow the valve, after which the gas flow rate is significantly increased. And the spring is weakening fast enough.

This is how Makarov pneumatic pistol is characterized by its owners. Reviews about him are mostly positive. And the shortcomings, according to fans of weapons, are easily eliminated.