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Gamo Air Rifles - Stylish Pneumatics

At the end of the 19th century in Barcelona, ​​Gamobegan to make lead bullets. Over time, requests have changed. The offer to produce our own air rifles Gamo realized in a real product, famous not only in Europe, but also in Russia.

pneumatic rifles gamo

The company ranks among themanufacturers of pneumatic weapons and accessories to it. There are good reasons for that. The manufacturer uses IGT technology (Inert, Gas and Technolgy), which allows the use of gas springs of high enough power. Quality control carried out at the plant results in a low percentage of rejects and complaints from buyers.

Gamo air rifles are designed for bothfans, and on hunters and sportsmen. The legislation of the Russian Federation does not allow the possession of firearms without special permits. Pneumatics has become an excellent substitute for those who are fond of shooting or professionally engaged in sports and hunting.

Spring-piston themes are implemented in suchClassic models like Gamo Hunter, Shado, CFX, Maxima and in a new direction Gamo Whisper. Gamo air rifles are equipped with an optical sight, so they are suitable for those who are just learning to shoot. An unchanged trademark of this brand's weapon is the aesthetic side of the product - a case made of natural wood, often decorated with carvings, or of high-quality plastic.

gamo hunter dx air rifle

The main characteristics that distinguish Gamo rifles from competitors are as follows:

  • made of gun steel barrel, high-quality material is covered with a protective layer, preventing corrosion;
  • presence of a powerful spring;
  • relatively small mass;
  • presence of a fuse;
  • ergonomic design.

If you mark the quality and main characteristicson individual products, then you should consider a view such as the air rifle Gamo Shadow RSV. This model has become quite popular and in demand due to a combination of traditions of weapons skills and the introduction of new technologies. The rifle can not be called cheap, but the price is not so high that it does not compete with similar weapons from other manufacturers. Especially the Shadow RSW surpasses all expectations. The rifle is cocked by a fracture of the trunk, a classic method, even a beginner can cope with it. Optics allows you to hit the target at long distances, and the speed is not so low - about three hundred meters per second. The gun is actual both for training and entertainment, and for sports shooting.

air rifle gamo shadow rsv

As for the other classic weapons,The air rifle Gamo Hunter DX is quite simple to use, but it has very powerful pneumatics. Thanks to the spiral cuts in the trunk, high accuracy and power of the shot are performed, which is indispensable when hunting for small birds. Implement the potential of the rifle can be, competing in sports shooting, and for accuracy it is necessary to attach optics, the platform for which is provided by the manufacturer.

Gamo air rifles can serve their owners for a long time, with proper and careful handling, timely cleaning and proper storage.