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Pryadkin Sergey G.: Biography

Pryadkin Sergey Gennadievich - Russianfootball executive, head of the Russian Football Premier League. He is also a member of the European football community. He holds leading positions in UEFA.

Pryadkin Sergey Gennadievich

A native of Astrakhan

Sergey Pryadkin was born in Astrakhan inAugust 1961. He received his higher education in Orel in the military command school named after Kalinin, which was subordinated to the State Security Service - the KGB.

After received a second higher education already in the capital. Pryadkin graduated from the State Institute of Physical Culture. It was the second education that became the main one in his life.

From the KGB to football

After receiving the first higher educationPryadkin entered the service of the state security. Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, he worked in the KGB, and after 1991 he joined the Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information.

Russian Football Premier League

At various posts in the organs of state securityPryadkin Sergey Gennadievich worked until 1994. Then he moved to the sports society Dynamo, which at that time was looking for how to implement itself in the new economic and political realities.

The first significant project in sports, in particular in thefootball, for Pryadkin became the organization GiRRus. The sports functionary realized this project in a small German town Charlottenburg, located near the German capital - Berlin. The main activity of this agency was the accompaniment of football players, primarily Russian, who concluded contracts with foreign clubs. Together with Pryadkin, one of the co-founders of this football project was the Soviet football player and coach Konstantin Sarsania, who later became a successful sports agent.

At the head of the RFPL

To work in the Russian Premier League PryadkinSergei Gennadievich came in 2001 - the year of its foundation. For several years he held various positions, until in 2007 he became the head of the organization, having replaced Mikhail Vorontsov in that post.

Also, Pryadkin actively worked in structuresRussian Football Union. In 2005 he became an adviser to the president of this organization. On the first day of his work as president, Vitaly Mutko appointed him as his adviser.

And during the year, from November 2006 to November 2007, he even acted as the general director of the union. True, during the first 6 months is temporary.

football functionary

In sports circles, it is clearly associated with"A man of Mutko." It was with the arrival of this functionary in the big sport that Pryadkin's career began to develop actively. First of all, this was felt by the Russian Football Premier League.

Former leaders of the league

It should be noted that before this the Premier League was headedmore significant figures in Russian sports than Pryadkin. So, the first president was the current Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko. He was replaced by the former president of the Moscow "Locomotive" Valery Filatov, then the honorary post was occupied by the president of CSKA Eugene Giner, and even later - ex-general director of Moscow "Spartak" and "Dynamo" Yuri Zavarzin.

From 2001 to 2007, the Russian Football Premier League experienced five leaders. From November 2007 to the present day she is solely headed by Sergei Pryadkin. Almost 10 years already.

Conflict with Levchenko

Football functionary Pryadkin is well known not only as a sports official, but also as a man famous in the pages of the yellow press. Especially in 2011.

Pryadkin Sergei Gennadievich RFPL

It all started after the former Russianmidfielder Vladimir Levchenko, who played for the capital "Torpedo" and "Locomotive", Rostov Rostselmash, Yaroslavl Shinnik, Perm Amkar, Vladikavkaz Spartak and Grozny Terek, headed the Union of Footballers and Coaches of Russia.

One of the first events initiated by Levchenko was a check against Sergei Pryadkin, whose biography at that time was closely related to the Premier League.

Trade union members were embarrassed that Pryadkinat the same time he is the president of the Premier League, the head of the commission for agency activities of the RFU, and also manages the company, whose list of services includes agency activity. Also, the facts of the work of the agent in football of the younger brother of Pryadkin, Andrei, were checked.

In particular, the purity oftransactions concluded on transfers of Slovene footballer Branko Ilica, who briefly spoke for the football club "Moscow" and the capital "Lokomotiv". And also one more "railwayman" Magomed Ozdoev.

Conflict Resolution

The search for a conflict of interest in the work of Pryadkinwas engaged in the Ethics Commission of the Russian Football Union. However, the data provided was not confirmed. No violations were found by members of the commission.

Pryadkin Sergey Gennadievich biography

True, ex-football player Evgeny Levchenko does notcalmed down. As it turned out later, his personal interest took place. According to Levchenko, in 2009, with his transfer to the Ramenskoye "Saturn", Pryadkin, along with his brother Andrei, illegally "laundered" about 400 thousand US dollars. In this, in particular, Sergei Pryadkin himself was accused. The Premier League also received criticism from the player.

The result was Levchenko's appeal to the sports arbitration court in Lausanne, Switzerland, whose decision is still unknown.

At the same time, Pryadkin continues to hold officepresident of the Russian Football Premier League and remain one of the main functionaries in modern Russian sports. The conflict with Levchenko did not significantly affect his career. Pryadkin still remains an authoritative expert in Russian sports.