/ / Dmitry Verkhovtsov - Belarusian footballer, defender of the club "Neman"

Dmitry Verkhovtsov - Belarusian footballer, defender of the club "Neman"

Dmitry Verkhovtsov - Belarusian football player(central defender), playing for the club of the Belarusian major league "Neman". From the sporting achievements of Dmitry can be identified only the Cup of Belarus 2008/2009 in the "Naftan" from the city of Novopolotsk (Belarusian Football League). In addition, Verkhovtsov took part in the European Youth Football Championship in 2009, which was held in Sweden.

Dmitry Verkhovtsov

Dmitry Verkhovtsov: biography of a football player, childhood and acquaintance with football

He was born on October 10 in 1986 in Mogilev,The Byelorussian SSR. Ros was raised in an ordinary family: his father was a physical education teacher in a secondary school, and his mother worked as a therapist in a local inpatient hospital. Since childhood Dmitry Verkhovtsov was different from his peers - he was stronger and above the rest. Spending days on the football field in the yard, the guy dreamed of becoming a professional football player and win the world championship in the national team of Belarus. In 1993, Dmitry entered the Mogilev sports school, where he began to actively engage in football.

Dmitry Verkhovtsov studied at firstspecialized children's and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve number 7, and several years later he graduated from the sports school "Dnepr". The first coaches of the youth were such outstanding professionals as Valery Semenovich Chaplygin and Nikolai Sergeyevich Lukyanchikov.

Club career

Since 2004, Dmitry Verkhovtsov began to speak forthe Naftan team, in which he later became captain. In 2008, Dmitry played all the matches of the Belarusian championship without a single replacement (30 matches). In the same year, the Belarusian Football Association announced a list of the best 22 players of the Belarusian championship, which included Verkhovtsov. In 2009, FC Naftan managed to win the national football cup of Belarus, and Dmitry Verkhovtsov became the main star of the final match, scoring the winning goal against the goal of Soligorsk Shakhtar.

Attempt to play in Europe

In 2009, after a successful season in "Naftan"Verkhovtsov decided to change the club and began to look closely at the European grandees. Dmitry's choice fell on the Kiev Dynamo and Celtic from Glasgow. After passing several stages of reviews in two clubs, Dmitry was disappointed by the news that his candidacy was not relevant to anyone. In January 2010, Verkhovtsov signed a contract with the Latvian "Ventspils", in which he spent the rest of the off-season. Further cooperation with the Latvian club was interrupted due to the contractual turmoil between Naftan and Ventspils. In December 2010, Verkhovtsov Dmitry tried his luck in the English "Everton", but there were some problems with employment.

Kochuya on the clubs

In January 2011, a contract was signed between Krasnodar Kuban and Belarusian defender Dmitry Verkhovtsov. Here he played only one season, in which he managed to excel one goal.

Dmitry Verkhovtsov biography

In December 2011, thethree-year contract from the Samara team "Wings of the Soviets." Years spent in Samara - not the best in the career of a football player. Dmitry played his contract and immediately left the team, which eventually flew to the second division.

In June 2014, a two-year contract would be signedwith "Ufa" (at that time the team made its debut in the Russian Premier League). After a year and a half, the contract was terminated by mutual consent. In late January 2016 he moved to the Polish club "Crown", in which he played a half season.

Verkhovtsov Dmitry

In March 2017, he signed an agreement for one year with Grodno's "Neman".