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Lambert Ricky and his incredible success story

Lambert Ricky is a footballer who is far fromthe first year in the sport showed everything he was capable of. It took him many years to reach the highest level, and only faith in himself and diligence helped him achieve his. He started in one of the lower leagues of England and for a long time did not even think about what ever will be able to put on a national team's shirt or fight for the championship in the Premier League. But in the end, he used all the chances he was given to achieve an excellent result. Lambert Ricky deserved what he eventually got, and now he can calmly finish his career - perhaps then he will become a coach, since such a spirit, which can not be broken, is needed by many teams.

Carier start

Lambert Ricky was born in 1982 in Englishthe city of Liverpool, and, of course, like almost all the people who lived in this city, he was rooting for the local club of the same name. Given the fact that he was fond of football, Ricky at the age of ten entered the football academy of this club in the hope that someday he would wear a T-shirt of "Merseyside". Five years he was in the structure of the club and played for various youth compositions, while in 1998, "Liverpool" did not abandon him as a futile. As a result, the 16-year-old turned out to be in Blackpool, who saw great talent in Lambert. At the age of 17 he debuted for the adult team, but he did not spend more than three matches there. As a result, Lambert Ricky signed a professional contract not with "Blackpool", but with the club "Macclesfield Town".

Lower Divisions

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In 2000, Lambert signed a professionalcontract with "Macclesfield", for which he immediately began to speak. In one season he became a full-fledged player of the main team, having played in forty matches and scoring ten goals. The result was impressive, so in 2002 the twenty-year-old Englishman moved to the higher league at the club "Stockport", where he stayed for a longer period of time. The club paid for it an impressive for that time and the division amount - 450 thousand euros, and Ricky has fully worked this amount. For three years he played in 110 games, scoring 19 goals. Of course, for the attacker this result is not too impressive, however, the player coped with his tasks. In 2005, when "Stockport" climbed to a higher level, Lambert was not so needed by the club, so the contract with him was not extended. The 23-year-old striker had to move to Rochdale, where he spent only one year, but showed an excellent result - in 68 matches he scored 28 goals, which attracted the attention of other clubs. It was then that Lambert Ricky, a football player who so far played only at the lowest level, began to show the football that in the future will allow him to rise much higher. "Bristol Rovers" paid for it three hundred thousand euros, and over the next three years he played in the form of this club 155 matches, scoring 59 goals. Thanks to his efforts, "Bristol" was able to climb to the Third Division and gain a foothold there. And in 2009 there was a fateful event that changed the life of the player.

The heyday in "Southampton"

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In 2009, Lambert Ricky, a sports careerwhich developed calmly and did not foretell anything special. "Southampton", which at that time also played in the Third Division, did not spare 1.2 million euros to buy a 27-year-old striker. And already in the first two years he showed what he is capable of - in 110 games he scored 57 goals, became one of the main reasons why the club got out to the Second Division. But even there, Southampton did not stay - the next year the club got to the Premier League, and again Lambert made his contribution, scoring 31 goals in 48 games. Naturally, it was not so easy to score in the Premier League, and Riki scored only 29 goals in 77 games, but that was enough to make his dream come true. Lambert became interested in his childhood club, "Liverpool", which in 2014 paid five and a half million euros for a 32-year-old striker.

The rest of the career

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In "Liverpool" Lambert spent only one year,playing 36 matches and scoring three goals. But he did not even hope for himself that he would become a star. He just fulfilled his dream - and a year later quietly went to West Brom for 4 million euros. There he spent another season, which became his last in the Premier League - he played in 26 games and scored just one goal. In 2016, for two million euros, 34-year-old Ricky left West Brom, moving to Cardiff City, for which he is now playing. He already went on the field in five games, but has not distinguished himself by one goal.

National team appearances

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Ricky Lambert is a striking football player whoreceived the challenge to the England national team at the age of 31. In August 2013, when he was already brilliant in Southampton in the Premier League, he first played for the national team in a friendly match against Scotland - and for 23 minutes, which were allocated to him, managed to score a goal, snatching victory for his team 3 : 2 already three minutes after entering the field. In the second match with Moldova, he scored a goal and gave two assists, after which he began periodically to get into the team's application and even in the starting lineup. The peak of his career was a trip to the World Cup in 2014, where he was replaced in a match against Uruguay. The last match for the England team he held in November 2014 - again against the team of Scotland, but this time he did not perform any effective actions. In total, Lambert played 11 games, scoring 3 goals and giving 4 assists.