/ Oxysase for the abdomen. Oxisase: exercises for slimming belly and waist

Oxisize for the abdomen. Oxisase: exercises for slimming belly and waist

At the moment, many trainingprograms that are aimed at helping to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Also every year there are more and more new systems, which, with diligent performance, really work. Such programs include oxysize lessons, and among those who want to get rid of extra pounds, they are gaining popularity.

What is this technique

The main principle of the program is a specialbreathing exercises. It is aimed at improving the processes of metabolism, digestion and circulation. The training itself is quite simple and is available even for an unprepared person who has not been involved in sports before. Those who train in this technique, in addition to losing weight, joints and a muscular corset begin to strengthen. By enriching tissues with oxygen, the skin acquires a healthy appearance.

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Someone may not believe it, but the technique of oxysizereally effective, and the first changes in the figure become noticeable already in the seventh training, while a day is enough to devote the technique to 20 minutes. The effect appears even faster than from training on simulators. Some people compare this technique with a bodyflex complex, but oxysize differs in that here breathing and exercises are combined, and at the expense of this time, all exercises are spent less. Also, in these exercises, more muscles are involved in training. It is interesting that a person chooses independently which area of ​​the body to make a special emphasis in order to correct it.

The technique is tightened by the press

Fitness trainers argue that the oxysize forThe abdomen is an excellent option to work through weakened muscles in this area. Even just the right breathing already plays a huge role and positively affects the sluggish body. With the right performance, the oblique and rectus muscles of the abdomen are strained at the same time. This reduces the training time, because you do not have to spend efforts first on one area, then on another. Having mastered this technique, during each inhalation and exhalation a person feels the tension of the muscles of the press.

Before You Begin

oxysize for the abdomen
Before starting to perform "oxysize" forbelly, you should perform a small test on how to breathe properly. You need to dress so that things do not interfere with the movements. Take a comfortable position in the chair (sitting). One hand lies on the chest, and the second - on the stomach. Try to breathe out all the air, followed by a very deep breath. Now exhaled. If, after exhalation, the palm became closer to the spine, and when the air was recruited, it again moved away - you have a diaphragmatic breathing. It is considered correct. But most people usually breathe "chest", and often because of this, there are problems associated with health and a set of excess weight. This is because the breaths are not deep and the air enters the lungs. Having learned diaphragm breathing or at least mastering its basics, you can significantly improve your condition. To do this, you need to master a special set of breathing exercises, which offers the technique of oxysize.

Learning to breathe

Do not start doing exercises, nothaving learned the right breath. Only after this process is almost automatic and the brain is not occupied with thoughts about not getting off this rhythm, you can start to perform oxysize for the stomach. So, the whole scheme is fulfilled in four stages:

  1. It is important to smile sincerely and relax your stomach. Through the nose, a deep breath is carried out, with the air filling the belly.
  2. Now you need to tighten the muscles of the buttocks and try to "squeeze" the pelvis. The lower part of the abdomen also strains, and three more breaths are made, which will supplement the remaining "corners" of the lungs with air.
  3. Lips stretch out "in the pipe", as if you blow out a candle. Sharply exhale through the mouth all the air collected, helping the stomach (pull it under the ribs).
  4. To completely get rid of the air, three more exhalations are performed.
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Repeating all these actions four times, youmake one cycle. Doing this complex of breathing exercises, it is important not to tilt your head. When you inhale, you should keep a smile. After this gymnastics is worked out, you can start training.

Nuances in breathing

Repeating each cycle, it is important not to forget about the following points:

  • During inhalations, you can not lift your shoulders and chest.
  • The back is always flat.
  • When taking additional breaths, monitor the already collected air so that it does not go out.

Instructor Marina Korpan

Marina Corpan is a qualified instructoron fitness. In addition, she is an expert in figure correction and conducts a television program. Also under her authorship was the light breathing gymnastics of Marina Korpan, who immediately acquired admirers. This technique, she tried on herself after childbirth, which added her a few pounds. Thanks to oxysize, she got rid of the deposits on the sides, while not sitting on special diets. In its arsenal there is a whole program for getting rid of excess weight. It includes the lessons of "oxysize" for the abdomen, for the hips and hands.

Side extension

To perform, you need to bend your knees;try to keep the pelvis in one position. Beginning breathing exercises, and at the same time, the right hand stretches over your head to make a torso lateral slope to the left. In this position, four breathing cycles are performed. Four such exercises are conducted on each side.

oxysize technique

When performing this stretching,errors. For example, do not pull the body forward, otherwise the waist will not get the right load. Also, you do not need to swing to complicate the exercise. It is important here that the waist muscles contract as much as possible, and for this it is not necessary to strain the upper arm and pull it.

Exercise "Sphinx"

To train a straight muscle press you needTurn over on the stomach and lean against the floor with forearms. We try to stretch, starting from the muscles of the lapococcygeal part to the chin itself. This stretch must be maintained while four cycles of oxysize technology are being performed. Exercises for the abdomen of this kind should be controlled, as many gradually begin to "throw" the load on the trapezoid, and after all, our goal is not to pump up the shoulders, but to tighten the press.

breathing exercises

Exercise "Rocket"

Lying on your back, you need to pull your fingers in your arms forhead and stretch the socks. At the same time the respiratory gymnastics of Marina Korpan is performed for four cycles. Only 4 repetitions. When performing, do not focus on the socks. The main thing is to feel, as on the stomach straining straight muscle from the fact that the hands and feet stretch into the distance.

Backward slopes

This exercise allows you to work not onlyarea of ​​the back and abdomen, but also the surface of the thigh. To do this, we kneel without placing them. Due to the tightening of the buttocks, the pelvis lends itself upwards. The back is flat and keeps in line with the crown and knees. Hands are shown in front of the chest, and the movement of the hips is a slight tilt back. The back is not rounded. The respiratory gymnastics is done.

exercise for the abdomen

A few clarifications

Since this technique is an innovation,many people who lose weight have some questions, therefore, before starting to perform a complex of oxysize for weight loss, it will be useful to learn a few details:

  • The first lesson should not be long - not more than 15 minutes. If you feel dizzy, do not be afraid; it's normal.
  • This method does not necessarily require constant breathing,But if it is not difficult for you, then it is better to stick to it during the day. If you went to nature, you can just do a few breathing exercises, and do not necessarily accompany them with physical activity.
  • Between exercises, it is advisable not to pause. The exception are newcomers. The first week you can train slowly.
  • Each training session should be conducted in a room that has sufficient ventilation. This is important, as we strive to fill our lungs with fresh air.
  • Train every day. At a time, 30 or more repetitions of exercise oxysize should be performed. There should not be a pause.
  • Do not eat after eating. Must pass three hours. After exercise, you can eat only after an hour.
  • It is possible to be engaged after sorts or labors already after one and a half month. But this is only if they passed without complications. Here you need a doctor's consultation.
  • In order to thoroughly work out the desired zone, you must increase the load and perform more than 30 cycles.
  • Although the time for doing workouts can be chosen on your own, it's good if it's morning.
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If there is a hernia of the spine, the exercises are not contraindicated, but you will have to avoid training, where you need to "twist" the body. For other diseases, consult a doctor.