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How to take fish oil for weight loss: reviews

Each woman desires to have a slender figure.To reduce the weight ladies use not only diet and exercise, but also a variety of drugs. Recently it has become fashionable to lose weight with the help of fish oil. The supplement not only stimulates metabolism, but also saturates the body with nutrients, heals. On how to take fish oil for weight loss and will go further.

Useful substances of fish oil

Before taking fish oil for weight loss,Let us analyze its composition. It contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The most useful substances are Omega-3 and Omega-6. The product contains vitamin A, which is indispensable for the work of the visual apparatus and vitamin D, which strengthens bones and teeth. Still in fish oil contains mineral substances, such as phosphorus, iodine, bromine and sulfur. There are organic acids and calciferol.

Elements in the fish product,have a beneficial effect on the human body, purify it, strengthen and restore it. Expand the space of blood vessels, prevent the formation of blood clots. Beneficial effect on memory, reduce cholesterol and increase the production of serotonin. Eliminate the inflammatory process. The best way to affect the condition of hair and nails. Prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular pathologies. Omega-3 and calciferol promote the burning of fat. Help to start the process of weight loss.

Benefit of supplementation

how to take fish oil for weight loss

How does cod liver oil affect weight loss?First of all, the product in terms of weight loss is not an independent product, but a minor one. It is used in conjunction with other activities aimed at reducing weight. It strengthens their action. Stimulates metabolism. Reduces the fat content in problem areas. But without proper nutrition and exercise, fish oil will not yield tangible results. The product is not intended to reduce weight, but only triggers the metabolic process and stimulates metabolic processes.

Before taking fish oil for weight loss,you need to get advice from a doctor. After all, this product is considered a medicine and is prescribed to eliminate the lack of vitamins A and D. Indications for its use are frequent ARVI. Still prescribe the fat of fish with slow growth of bones, chicken blindness, excessive dryness of the skin, with brittle nail plate and hair, as well as for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Fish oil for weight loss: how to take, dosage

how to take fish oil capsules for weight loss

To reduce weight, fish oil can be consumed both in capsules and in liquid form.

One capsule contains 500 mg of Omega-3 acids. To reduce weight, you need to take 2-4 capsules up to three times a day. The daily dosage is 4500-6000 mg.

In liquid form, fish oil is more concentrated,rather than in capsules. In this case, it is drunk 5 g (a teaspoonful) three times a day. When stored, the product should be in the refrigerator, which will significantly reduce oxidative processes.

The course lasts 1-2 months, then take a break formonth. If necessary, the intake of the additive is renewed. Do not exceed the daily dose, as an overabundance of vitamin D can lead to undesirable consequences.

Do not recommend to drink the product on an empty stomach, it can cause an upset stomach-intestinal apparatus. Still fat actively stimulates the secretion of bile.

Lose weight with the help of fat from fish is real, butOnly in the event that its use is supplemented by a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Before using the product, you should undergo a checkup and consult a doctor to make sure that this product will be of use.

How to take capsules of fish oil for weight loss, it was written above, and then we will talk about which product is better to choose.

What is the best fat from fish?

fish oil for weight loss how to take feedback

How to take fish oil for weight loss? As well as in all other cases - strictly according to the instructions and adhering to the prescriptions of the doctor. Drink for weight loss should only be yellow fat, it should not be brown or white. The latter option indicates the presence of not very useful impurities.

Basically, cod liver oil is produced from cod liver,which contains not only useful, but harmful substances. It can accumulate toxins. Therefore, experts recommend giving preference to fat from fish meat. There are fewer nutrients, but there will be no harm to the body.

The product in the capsules must be purified, refined, without any dangerous impurities. The importance is the amount of eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids.

It is better if the additive is made from expensive varieties of fish. The more valuable the fish, the more useful substances in the product, the more expensive the additive is. If the product is called "fish oil", then it is made from the liver. If referred to as "fish oil", then the additive is made from meat.

What is the best way to drink fat: in capsules or in kind? Here everyone decides for himself. In the first case it will be easier to drink.

Popular brands

how to properly take fish oil for weight loss

It is important not only to know how to properly take fish oil for weight loss, but also to choose a quality product that will benefit the body.

They produce fish oils in many countries, but the leading ones in this industry are:

  • USA. Here, producers pay attention to the fact that fish can contain mercury and toxins. The products undergo a special purification procedure. Famous brands are NOW, Madre Labs and Natrol.
  • Russia. Enterprises in our country make an additive from the liver of cod-fish. Among the popular brands are "Biafishenol", "Mirrolla", "Biocontour".
  • Norway. This country is considered the best in the production of fish oil. For the production of the additive, fish grown in environmentally friendly conditions are used. Cod Liver Oil is widely used.

The most famous additives in our country are:

  • "Salmon fish oil" brand "Biafishenol." Here there are capsules of 0,3, 0,4 and 0,45 g, packaged in one hundred pieces. In addition to fish oil, the product has vitamins A and D. To make the additive, fish that live in the Arctic are used. The drug contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • "Omega 3" from "Mirrol". Produces fish oil in capsules, in which adds calcium, dog rose, valerian and motherwort, garlic, sea buckthorn and other valuable ingredients. Each type of supplements is packaged in 100 capsules, which is enough for 12 days.
  • "Fish oil" from the "Biocontour". Like the previous brand, here you can choose several options, it is fish oil with milk thistle, kelp, seabuckthorn, etc. The product is not recommended for use by children under 14 years of age. The composition of about 20% Omega-3. The package contains 100 capsules.
  • "Omega-3" brand "Fish". Produces a package of 30 and 100 capsules. Fish oil of this manufacturer does not contain harmful additives and flavors. Recommended for children from 3 to 13 years. 40% satisfied the need for polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • "Little Mermaid" from "RealCapps". This is fish oil for children. Produced in jars of 60 capsules. The product is enriched with vitamins A, E and D. Contains "Tutti-frutti" flavor.

Who is showing fish oil for weight loss?

cod liver oil for taking slimming

How to drink fish oil for weight loss, so he gavethe desired effect? First of all, the product should be consumed only after consultation with a doctor and strictly according to the instructions. You can not abuse the additive, since the overabundance of omega-3, omega-6 and vitamins A and D is no less dangerous than their deficiency.

Some nutritionists are advised to adhere to the following rules:

  • If the excess kilograms is not more than 15, then you need to use fat from the fish for 1-2 grams per day, in the morning and in the evening.
  • If the weight is more than 15 kg or more, the dosage should not exceed one gram per day.

In addition to losing weight, fish oil benefits the whole body. Saturates it with useful substances. Strengthens immunity and memory. Beneficially affects the activity of the cardiovascular system.

Contraindications to supplementation

In addition to benefits, fish oil can be harmful if it is used when:

  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • finding stones in the gallbladder, kidney and urinary system;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • pathology of the liver;
  • renal failure, which is in chronic form;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • hypervitaminosis D;
  • old age;
  • organic lesions of the cardiovascular system;
  • ulcer of the digestive system;
  • tuberculosis in the active stage of development;
  • the possibility of allergic reactions.

If you use nausea,diarrhea, vomiting or bleeding from the nose, as well as other adverse events, then the product is discontinued. This symptomatology indicates an overdose. Adverse events persist for a short time and after stopping the intake of fat pass.

Is fish oil effective for losing weight?

how to drink fish oil for weight loss

Does fish oil help to lose weight? Undoubtedly, yes. It speeds up the metabolism. Improves lipid metabolism. But the product is effective only as an auxiliary, in addition to proper nutrition and fitness. The drug makes efforts to reduce weight, more effective. With a diet helps saturate the body with useful substances.

According to research conducted by scientists fromPrague, in subjects who drank fish oil in an amount of 8 g, weight loss was much more stable than those who lost weight without using this supplement. Consequently, fish oil is effective, but only in conjunction with other activities.

Reviews of slimming people

Does Fish Oil Lose Weight?

Many people say that it gives a good resultfish oil for weight loss. How to take (reviews note the importance of meeting the recommended dose to avoid side effects) - is written in detail in the instruction, which should be carefully studied before taking the drug for weight loss.

Reviews of people note that for slimming fishFat can only act as a supporting product, in combination with diet and fitness. Here the supplement really helps to reduce weight, as it stimulates metabolism and speeds up lipid processes. As an independent product, fish oil does not affect weight loss, but it improves the condition of hair, skin, nails and overall well-being.