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How to pump up the wings at home quickly and efficiently?

It's no secret that many men seek to pump uptheir muscles, because a muscular body is a sign of strength, courage, sexuality. But not everyone knows that for a good physical shape does not necessarily rush to the gym. To date, exercises have been developed that help in deciding how to pump the wings at home. It remains only to get acquainted with this article and begin to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

Pumping Wings

How to pump up wings at home? You will need a certain inventory for this. First of all, it's a bar, dumbbells, a bar. It happens that the house is not always the whole list, then you should try to replace the missing inventory with homemade analogs. For example, use as weighting bags or buckets of frozen cement. The shop model of the horizontal bar can be replaced with a self-made crossbar, reliably fixed at a suitable height.

Now we will deal with the basic (basic) exercises, which will help to solve the problem of how to pump the wings at home.

Push ups

And how to pump the wings at home, ifbarbells and dumbbells are not available? Here, push-ups will come to the rescue. For their high efficiency, it is necessary to take into account some nuances. Your broadest muscles are pumped, if you lower your shoulders below the stop, your legs should be raised on a bench, sofa or stool. Arrange hands widely enough, only do not overdo it, otherwise you can severely injure your shoulders.

If you perform these exercises for the wingswill become too easy, i.e. your muscles are much stronger, you need to increase the load. You can use different weighting agents for this. As an additional cargo, you can use the weight of a partner or a junior (not heavy) family member. Just be careful - you can be injured.

how to pump up wings at home

The most popular exercises for wings arepull-up. In order to pump the wings, you should perform pull-ups smoothly, without making delays at the top and bottom points. You can perform their usual grip, while trying to reduce when lifting the blade.

Pulling up a wide grip - by performing them, you cannot only pull your chin above the crossbar, but also to head your head forward, behind the bar itself, holding the body in a slope, trying to touch the shoulders of the crossbar.

We swing the wings with dumbbells
Exercises for wings

It is necessary to take a dumbbell with your left hand, grasp to yourself,stand near the bench and, leaning forward, rest in the bench with his right hand and right knee. The back should be bent naturally, almost parallel to the floor. The hand with the dumbbell hangs freely, the head is raised.

Then it is necessary to slightly bend the left leg and raise the dumbbell to the chest. At the highest point, hold your hand for a second, and then slowly lower it to its initial position.

In order to qualitatively pump up the wings,should perform 5-9 repetitions of the exercise for 2-4 approaches. Be sure to let your muscles recover after training. Do this twice a week.