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Miracle diet "Lesenka" (5 days): menu and reviews, results

For anyone who is seriously concerned about losing excessweight in the shortest possible time, an effective diet "Lesenka" was developed - 5 days, which seem to be arranged in the form of steps, smoothly moving into each other, solving various current tasks. Feedback from those who resorted to this effective method, say good results. Let's get acquainted with this miracle diet.

How to cope with the problem?

Have you ever wondered why the problem is superfluousweighs us worried with an enviable regularity? And everyone wants to lose weight alone once and never again resort to painful abstinence. Most diets give a positive result, but it can be fixed only in isolated cases. So we have to again and again to step on the warpath with extra pounds. The super-diet "Lesenka" is an exception to the rules, and all because it is aimed not only at reducing weight, but also at consolidating the achieved results.

The diet of Lesenka 5 days

The main principles of the method

So, we have already mentioned that taskscomplex are solved methodically, and each of them seems to prepare the body for the next step. The body, stomach and brain get used to and do not resist the changes. "Steppenka" (step-by-step diet) stage includes the following:

  • 1 day - cleansing the body;
  • Day 2 - comprehensive recovery;
  • Day 3 - charging with energy;
  • 4th day - construction;
  • Day 5 - burning excess.

Psychological background

Everyone knows that the brain controls us, but not allknow how to make him manage us in the right direction. In other words, how to take everything under control? In the issue of burning excess weight, the psychological component is of paramount importance. How often did we meet with breakdowns and early retirement from the distance, when we did not know where to find in ourselves the moral-willed qualities that help to withstand the heavy emotional and physical stress associated with the diet! In the end, everything that went with such difficulty, returned to the body again. Stress from failure created a new stress, and so in a circle. The "Lesenka" diet, which lasts 5 days, suggests that a slimming person should have an incentive in the form of a sketch before his eyes and clearly see the future results.

Diet Lesenka reviews and results

We represent steps on paper

Drawing in the form of an improvised ladder hisdaily tasks, recording the menu and fixing the achieved results, a person acquires powerful motivation. The more powerful the motivation, the harder we work, and therefore the sooner we reach the goal. Such a schematic drawing is better to hang before your eyes, and after finishing the next step, delete the passed stage and be sure to record the lost kilograms. When you see how much power has been spent and how many stages have been passed, the desire to pass all the remaining steps is also multiplied tenfold. So, from a psychological point of view, the "Lesenka" diet is super-losing weight. Testimonials of the tested method on themselves suggest that if ever there is a need for a reduction in weight, people will again use this diet.


So, it's time to show averagethe indices that the diet "Lesenka" gives. 5 days on average, people passed with a result of minus 5-9 kilograms from their original weight. This is told by men and women who have experienced a course on themselves. In such a short period of time to achieve impressive results - it's worth a lot. However, as we know, this has its logical explanation. After all, at every step there are exactly those processes that are responsible for more efficient splitting of fats and for the speedy withdrawal of them from the body. Food decay products, liquid, toxins - all this quickly, efficiently and correctly leaves, subject to physiological processes.

Preparatory stage

Miracle diet "Little Scaffold" will not cause the bodyexcess stress, if a week before the first stage to arrange unloading. How to provide training? In fact, there is no clear and uncontested option. It all depends on the individuality, character, as well as the mood of the slimming one. Someone seems appropriate to exclude from the diet only two products: bread and mayonnaise. Someone will reduce the total amount of food consumed per day, someone will skip dinner and replace it with kefir, and someone will switch to microscopic portions. Whatever the chosen option, the main goal of this week will be achieved in one way or another: the body will begin to get used to the restrictions and will slowly reorganize into a new channel.

Diet Lesenka photo review

Diet "Little Scaffold": menu, first day reviews

The purification (first) stage includes:

  • 1 kg of apples;
  • 1 liter of water (can be more);
  • Activated carbon tablets - 6-10 pieces.

Apples should be divided into 6 parts (byone small or half) and eat them during the day as a full meal. The diet "Lesenka" (reviews and results can be traced in our article) is thought through to the smallest detail. Take, for example, the first step, where all components perform their strictly assigned function. So, apple peel contains very valuable and useful substances - pectins, exciting, binding and removing toxins from the body, accumulated slags and even heavy metals. The same can be said about the products of decay. All the debris that has accumulated in the body will be drained out with water. And to fix the process called activated carbon. Testimonials of the tried method on themselves suggest that the first day as a whole passes well, without a clearly expressed feeling of hunger.

After the first step is passed, there will bethe gastrointestinal tract is cleared, and activation of the disintegration of fat cells starts. And to promote this will be the acids contained in apples. That is why fruit for a diet is better to choose green (sweet and sour).

The result of the first day is minus 2 kg. Here we make a reservation that the maximum values ​​are fixed. That is, if you lost half the fat in the first stage, this is normal. People who are familiar with the diet "Lesenka" (reviews and the results of the method are collected from the estimates of several thousand tested), are happy with any positive shift.

Recovery (second) stage
Miracle diet

Recommended menu:

  • curd fat-free - 600 g;
  • kefir with low fat content - 1 liter;
  • water - more than 1 liter.

The daily content of cottage cheese should be dividedon 3 parts, so do with yogurt and alternate these meals. In some cases kefir (1-2 spoons) is used as a dressing for dry grainy cottage cheese. At this stage, the "Lesenka" diet, which lasts 5 days, works as follows. Curd and kefir belong to the group of fermented milk products, which are called to saturate the purified stomach with beneficial bacteria, and also enrich the blood vessels with calcium and potassium. Then this stage smoothly passes to the cellular recovery of the organism.

The result of the second stage is minus 2 kg. The diet "Lesenka" (reviews, photos we give) on the second day is due to such a significant result of low-calorie products and significant energy costs of the whole organism in the process of digestion of lactic acid protein.

Energy (third) stage

No doubt, the first two days of the experiment are noticeableweakened the state of the body. Therefore, now a person who decides to try this method, it is necessary to restore strength and saturation with energy. A person can not do without carbohydrates for a long time, because the reserves of glycogen after the first two steps tend to zero. The menu of the third day:

  • raisins - 300 g;
  • honey - 2 tablespoons;
  • compote of dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, apples) - 2 liters.

Super diet Lesenka

As you can see, the reserves of carbohydrates will be replenished withusing glucose contained in fruit sugars. Unlike vegetables, dried fruits can not increase appetite due to high fiber saturation. The "Lesenka" diet (menu, reviews you can read in the presented material) has made a real breakthrough in similar programs. After all, usually at this point in the exhausted body comes the effect of the plateau and rapid weight loss, observed earlier, literally stops and freezes at a certain level. In other words, increasing the caloric content of the menu of the third day is a kind of "planned breakdown", chitting, respite for the body.

The maximum result of the third day: up to 1.5 kg of excess weight - off!

Building (fourth) stage

A very important stage in achieving this goal. On this day in food eat protein of animal origin (turkey fillet, chicken breast) and, in addition to water, nothing more. A half kilogram of boiled meat is not salted and divided into several receptions. It should be noted that if more than one liter of water is drunk a day, this is by no means critical, because water at this stage is an important element. Do not be afraid that the liquid will be poorly excreted from the body, because the deterrent (salt) is completely absent. Active cellular construction is extremely important for all tissues and organs due to the ability to exert a powerful influence on the metabolic processes in general. The "Lesenka" diet, which lasts 5 days, strengthens the metabolism, which contributes to a sharp slimming. We should also note that properly aligned protein days are sure to end with a negative energy indicator, because the cost of processing dietary meat is always greater than its calorific value.

Diet Lesenka menu reviews

The result of the day is minus 1.3 kg.

The final (fifth) stage, aimed at burning calories

At this stage, the body is fully saturatedfiber, which leads not only to a dull feeling of hunger, but also to the launch of a new purification process. In the diet of the day low-calorie carbohydrate foods containing complex fiber should be present, and they need to be consumed in small amounts. Suppose, for breakfast it can be oatmeal porridge cooked from dry flakes (250 g for the whole day) on water, fruits with low glucose content. For lunch, you can eat a vegetable salad, dressed with oil. In the next two meals, you can alternate oatmeal and fresh vegetables (1 kg throughout the day). The final stage, as well as the previous one - the fourth, causes the body to expend a lot more calories than it consumes, and you do not feel hungry. In aggregate, for 2 critical days fat reserves quickly burn.

Diet Lesenka super-slimming reviews

The final step is minus 2.5 kg.

Super diet "Lesenka": reviews, contraindications

Practically everyone who dared to practiceto apply this method, pointed to good results, lack of feelings of hunger and irritability. Perhaps, the discomfort can cause only a fairly meager menu. In this case, people who successfully passed the course, calmed themselves short-term method.

There are general contraindications in usediet. Before the beginning of the course, you should contact the nutritionist or the treating therapist for advice and make sure of your absolute health. Method is not recommended:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • older people over 60;
  • children;
  • persons suffering from mental disorders;
  • oncological patients;
  • persons who have undergone acute forms of viral infections;
  • postoperative patients.