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How to learn to swim an adult by yourself

Every summer we try to rest on the sea orjust to visit a hot day on the river. What could be better and more pleasant than cool water on a hot day? However, not for everyone, rest at sea is a really joyful event. For some things, things are quite different, because they are not trained in the art of swimming.

Learn to Swim Adult

Everyone can learn

This question is relevant both for children and adults.Swimming is also a very pleasant pastime on a hot summer day, and a pleasant occupation, perfectly developing the cardiovascular system. The muscles are trained, metabolism is accelerated substantially. This type of activity well strengthens the nervous system.

And you can master it at any age. However, to study this art is always better in early childhood. The child is given it more easily. Swimming helps strengthen his immune system.

occupation with the trainer

How to learn to swim at an older age? The main thing in swimming, as in any other occupation, is the basics. The better a person learns them, the easier it will be to study other aspects.

A natural reservoir is suitable for training.You can also study in a shallow basin, where you can get your feet to the bottom. This will save you from the fear of water. Salt water is also a good choice - it's easier to stay on.

Learning to swim for an adult is easier in isolation.After all, many feel embarrassed that they do not own this art. To avoid an accident, you need to remember that you only need to train alone in the place that is patrolled by rescuers.

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Proper breathing

So how to learn to swim without the right techniquebreathing is impossible, it is necessary to master this moment. One of the most basic nuances is to learn how to breathe properly, taking a deep breath in your mouth. After this, it is necessary to hold your breath and breathe out the air into the water. The deeper the breath, the better the water will hold the body. However, filling the lungs to the limit is also not recommended. This can prevent swim.

There is one good exercise that allowspractice breathing. Standing on the rocks, you should try to get as much air as possible into the lungs, then sit down directly under the water and exhale all the air. Since you can not learn how to swim in a short time, you should spend some time on this exercise. For best effect, you must perform it for two minutes without interruption. It is often used during warm-up by professional athletes.

How to learn to swim

Hold on the water

How to learn to swim with the simplestexercises? A well-known exercise called "asterisk" is suitable for this. It is necessary to collect as much air into the lungs as possible, then lower your face into the water and spread your arms and legs in different directions. So the body forms something like an asterisk. In this state it is necessary to lie as long as possible without exhaling air. If the air is exhaled, the body will begin to sink. This exercise allows you to train also breathing.

learn to swim

With its help you can not only learn to swim,but also stop being afraid of water. After all, during its execution you understand that you can stay on the water without even moving your hands and feet. Air-filled lungs serve as a life-saving pillow - as long as there is air, water will continue to keep you on the surface.

Learning to move your legs

Proper footwork will give 30% of the speed intime of sailing. The main point here is to keep your socks elongated. They should be like you are doing ballet, and do not learn to stay on the water. Strikes against water must be sharp.

The more quickly and correctly the lowerfineness, the faster the speed. In each of the styles of swimming, leg work takes place in different ways. This rule does not apply to swimming in the style of "bracelet" (in the people - "frog-like"). In this style, the legs should, on the contrary, be in a perpendicular position with respect to the legs. After the push, the body should begin to stretch quickly.

To train the legs, you can tryto rest on the pier. Also for this purpose, you can also use the side of the pool. If there is neither one nor the other, you can simply ask a friend or friend to hold you afloat. For training, the ball or any other object that holds the body on the surface of the water is also suitable.

Next, we will consider the basic rules and terms that will be useful to anyone thinking about the question of how to learn how to swim an adult.

Technique «Grebok»

This is one of the basic movements when swimming by anyone.style. One of the main things in swimming is the ability to correctly make a rowing under the surface of the water. How to learn to swim an adult yourself with the help of this exercise? To perform it, you need to remember that your fingers should always be compressed together. Depressed fingers are one of the main problems for beginners. The strokes are performed by holding the arm in the bent position in the shoulder by 45 degrees, and at 90 by the elbow.


This movement is carried out over the water, carrying the handafter the rowing again forward, and preparing for the next stroking. Carrying is carried out approximately with the same technique as the paddle - the hand must be kept above the head, bending it in the shoulder area by 45 degrees, and in the elbow area by 90.

How to learn to swim an adultyourself? The main point is to remember: stroking and piercing should be done at the same time - when one stroke is carried out under the water, the other at the same time is made to pass.

To learn how to perform this complex,use an exercise called "grip". When it is performed, the person begins to swim, holding one hand directly in front of him, and the other - near the hip. A few moments later, the strokes are carried by the hand that was in front, and the hand that was near the hip is carried out - thus, the hands change places.

Exercise can be performed while swimmingBoth on the stomach and on the back. At first it is recommended to do it on the shore. And after that, grab for something with your feet on the shore and execute it already in the water. You can also ask someone to hold you by the feet. Doing this exercise will allow you to learn how to breathe properly. Also, you can try to insert "dosochki" or, if you have the skill, a well-inflated ball between the legs. This will allow you to learn how to work only with the use of hands.

swimming training technique

How to learn to swim by yourself: breathing in the process of swimming

The most important thing is to breathe properly duringrowing, while raising his head in the direction of the hand, which sweeps over his head. At first it is recommended to keep your head above water all the time, so it will be much more convenient and easier to swim. When the head is under water, the streamlining of the body increases and the person swims faster. However, in this situation it is more difficult to move.


This exercise will help you learn wellkeep on the water. First you need to go into the water on your chest, take a deep breath. Then squat and clasp your legs. The head is pressed against the knees. After a few seconds you can feel that the body rises. As soon as you need to inhale, you can stand in the starting position. Then you need to catch your breath and repeat the exercise again.


This exercise is also quite easy. It will make it clear that the legs are heavier than water and can quickly sink. To do this, you need to go into the water along the chest, draw air, and then squat and squeeze with all your strength feet from the bottom towards the shore. The body needs to be straightened, the arms folded at the seams. At this point, the body will slide in a horizontal position.

After a moment you will notice that the movementforward slows down, and legs gradually fall down. The body changes the horizontal position to the vertical position. It is necessary to wait until the feet touch the bottom, and then perform the technique again.

At runtime, you should pay attention to the fact that the body does not bend, was as straight as possible. It should also be well relaxed - this will ensure maximum buoyancy.

basic elements of navigation

The basic rules of developing art in the basin

To learn how to swim in the pool, you should follow the following rules:

  • You can not do with a full stomach. Exercises should be done an hour after the meal or 2.5 hours before it.
  • Also, do not wear jewelry.
  • The ideal time for training is the hours from 4 pm to 7 pm. In the morning hours, as a rule, the body is not set up for exercise, the exercises will be ineffective.
  • Before the start of training it is useful to warm up or take a warm shower.
  • The number of classes should be at least three a week, and their duration - at least 1-2 hours. Thus, the body will "remember" the acquired skills.

If these rules are observed, you can learn to swim very quickly, as well as enjoy yourself with a full rest on the warm sea.