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Chest simulators: review, types, best exercises and reviews

Chest simulators are most often used inhome conditions: reduction of fatty deposits, development of muscles, prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and so on. Let's try to disassemble the basic nuances related to the purchase and use of this kind of sports equipment.

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To begin with, you need to determine the goals that you want to achieve by acquiring simulators for the chest. That is, whether it makes sense to buy, or better to take a highly specialized inventory.

Substitution of basic exercises

Most "home" athletes are afraid oreven they can not carry out the basic racks with a bar. In this case, breast simulators are an excellent alternative. This is especially true for older athletes, beginners in sports, solo lessons without insurance, as well as for those who are rehabilitated after their injuries or operations.

Point load on the thorax

Almost all types of physical activity are eitherotherwise affect the muscles of the chest, so the exercises on the chest on the simulator can provide a clearly noticeable increase in power indicators. This goal, in addition to muscle mass, also increases the volume of the chest.


With the help of such a sporting equipment, you canto work out a specific group of muscles, while the basic exercises exclude such accentuation, that is, do not shoot a cannon on sparrows. This goal is very often faced by experienced athletes who want to correct specific shortcomings in building their musculature. Similar goals are set by women, developing only that group of muscles that you want to develop.

exercises on the chest on the simulator

It's also worth noting that good breast simulators can be suitable for two or three goals at once, so you have to approach the choice with all seriousness and awareness.

Types of simulators

This type of sports equipment can be divided intotwo signs - the type of load and the exercise to be performed. The load simulator can be stacked and loaded disks. The first type has a set of standard cargoes, which allows the athlete to choose the weight he needs before performing the exercises. Stacks are great for use at home, as well as for beginners and people undergoing post-traumatic or post-operative rehabilitation.

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Disc sport equipment is the choice of experiencedathletes and athletes who are accustomed to a variety of and large weight. Most often this kind of simulators can be seen in gyms, fitness clubs and other specialized sports facilities.

Exercises and types of nursing machines

Depending on what kind of exercise you need to perform, you can distinguish the following types of simulators:

  • Bench press on the simulator. One of the most demanded exercises for beginners and for those who recover from injury or surgery.
  • Press sitting. This is a fairly large and diverse group of simulators, effectively working for the aesthetic development of muscle mass. The group differs in height, width of coverage, trajectory and inclination.
  • Army bench press (from the shoulders). Development of the upper chest and deltoid muscles.
  • Butterfly. Quite a popular training group and mainly aimed at the aesthetics of the body. To carry out the exercise can be differently (trajectory, grip, etc.), changing where necessary, power accents.
  • Crossover. This kind of inventory allows you to perform unique exercises due to the free trajectory of traction. The simulator provides an accentuated load on the muscles and allows "explosive" work. This is an excellent alternative to basic exercises with free weights, such as dumbbell dilution.
  • Pullover. Extremely popular exercise among experienced athletes. Has a point load on the muscles of the back and chest.
  • Thrust to the chest (rowing). In addition to the pectoral muscles, the back and arms develop. An excellent general development exercise, which can be advised literally by everyone.
  • Multifunctional simulators. This kind of inventory is universal and has in its composition, as a rule, rowing and butterfly. Exercises are perfect for beginners and for the aesthetic development of the body. Many marketers gave the name to such sports equipment as a "simulator for breast augmentation."

Reviews about the simulators are very different: newcomers like "dumb" inventory and multifunctional equipment, while professional athletes prefer a narrowly specialized direction and, except for a pullover with a crossover, do not take anything seriously, considering the rest as amateur perversion. But in any case, to choose the inventory you need for specific needs and tasks, so for each athlete the simulator will be his own.

Accommodation simulator

Such simulators are placed in a smallroom, as most models have a compact design. The only exceptions are crossovers, which, due to their design features, require large areas.

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An excellent choice for homemultistation. With a relatively small footprint, they have a very good return, along with good functionality. In general, it is more reasonable for a house to choose not narrowly specialized inventory, but something universal, that is, giving an extensive load: presses, traction, rowing, etc.

It is also worth noting that additional space requires simulators with free weights (storage of disks), so they are less relevant for home, unlike stacks.

Man's and female trainers

The difference in inventory for women and menis due only to aesthetic considerations. The simulator for the female breast and the figure can do without a chest extension with excessive development of the hands. Specifically for the female half, an inventory with an emphasis on muscle development, like a butterfly and a crossover, as well as a multi-station, is perfect. Much less often used simulators with propulsion or all kinds of presses.

simulator for women's breasts

Men can successfully apply almost allKinds of sports equipment, not being afraid of superfluous muscular outgrowths. The choice depends only on the goals that have been set, but if, on reaching it, the time of the muscles has already grown somewhere, then the man will only be happy about it.

Popular Home Models

Top lines of the popularity of homeThe sports equipment is firmly held by small hand-held simulators. They occupy minimal space, are easy to operate and do not require any special skills. Consider the most distinguished models of such simulators.

Easy Curves

Easy Curves simulator for breast is invented by a womanand is built on the principle of double resistance, which occurs at the time of contraction and expansion. During the exercise, almost all the pectoral muscles are involved, thereby contributing to the strengthening, increase and elevation of the forms. And importantly - the simulator creates a balanced load on each side of the body.

simulator for breast feedback

On the assurances of the developers of "Izi Courves"The inventory can significantly improve the performance of the respiratory system with a daily five-minute session. After a month of use, the breathing rhythm will become much better. This is especially useful for people who quit smoking - there is something to take instead of a cigarette. The design of "Izi Courves" allows you to store it under the bed or on the shelf, so it enjoys an enviable popularity among customers, and ease of use makes this chest simulator universal and widely in demand. Reviews about Easy Curves are entirely positive, so you can recommend it to any beginner athletes or people who undergo postoperative and post-traumatic rehabilitation.

"Shake Weight" (Shake Weight)

The simulator perfectly copes with the strengtheningbreast at home. As well as the "Izi Courves", "Shake Waite" takes up very little space and its appearance looks like a dumbbell. Designers have worked hard with the development and implementation of new technologies, thereby increasing the efficiency of the simulator (compared to a conventional dumbbell) at times.

chest press on the simulator

The main feature of this simulator -the use of dynamic inertia. That is, it starts to work during shaking, and therefore, always when we exercise. Shock wave from "Sheika" makes muscles contract with amazing speed - up to 250 times a minute. During the exercises "dumbbell" itself sets you the right rhythm and makes it support during training.

According to the developers, 6 minutes a day - and yoursThe chest, shoulders and arms will become irresistible. Refrain about the simulator is very flattering both beginners and professionals, so you can recommend it to almost anyone.