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VPLab (sports nutrition): application, reviews. British manufacturer of sports nutrition VP Laboratory

On sports nutrition is a huge amountlegends, with each year they become only more. And some talk about harm, others about the invaluable benefits. The distortions in both directions distort information, and therefore reliable information is difficult to find. Today we want to talk a little more about what sports nutrition is and what is its fundamental difference from pharmaceuticals for this category of consumers. We will today consider the trademark VPLab. Sports nutrition of this manufacturer is distinguished by its competitive value and high quality.

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What is it

Why are opinions about him so different?First of all, because sports nutrition is strongly associated with steroids. In fact, it is a balanced supplement to the basic diet, that is, a food supplement, usually certified. In any case, we can count on this if we are considering the VPLab brand. Sports nutrition from this manufacturer is designed to increase the effectiveness of training, better results and accelerate recovery processes.

About the benefit and harm

Let's try to solve this issue.So, amino acids, creatine and other components of protein shakes are ordinary food items that we use every day. They are simply served in a different form and easier to digest. Manufacturers of sports nutrition do not tire of stressing that all products they produce are only aids for the athlete, which you may not want to use. Of course, only in the event that you can provide your body with enough calories, protein and carbohydrates, eating the usual food.

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We are what we eat

The market of sports nutrition will never remainwithout its customer, because without it, professionals are much more difficult to achieve the effect and support it. Yes, no cocktails can be dispensed with, but the result will be smaller achievements or a disturbed balance between nutrients. No wonder described as many cases when a person goes for years in the rocking chair, but in addition to the growing muscles in his hands, he has a layer of fat on his stomach. There is clearly an oversupply of lipids and a shortage of proteins. This could easily be corrected by appointing a special diet and supplementing it with a protein cocktail.

Manufacturers of sports nutrition do not call forreplace them with the basic diet. If you are going to swing, then you need to eat regularly and fully, and eat natural food. A shortage of individual components to compensate for the expense of cocktails. This is how the high results are maintained and the proportions of the body are observed.

Disadvantages: Myths and Reality

At once we will tell, that harm of a sports food stronglyexaggerated by the fighters for a natural and natural diet. Most often, the argument is such that the protein cocktail heavily loads the liver. Perhaps, if you use it by banks. But it does not depend on what form the protein will go in. The liver in principle experiences a load when it is necessary to process a lot of protein. And what will it be - two kilograms of meat per day or 100 grams of powder - is completely unimportant. In fact, this is baby food, only for adults. A delicious cocktail contains everything you need for living and can replace a full meal or dinner.

Harm to sports nutrition can be associated withimproper intake of an additive or individual intolerance of its individual components. There are a lot of examples. For example, uncontrolled intake of creatine leads to the fact that the body ceases to synthesize it independently. And in fact, why, because it is already enough? Or amino acids. Do you think the more, the better? But glutamine in high doses does not cause an increase in the effect, but irritable bowel syndrome. You can continue indefinitely. However, the responsibility for such consequences does not lie with the sports nutrition itself, the reason is its uncontrolled use.

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A little about the manufacturer

What is the company that producessports nutrition - VPLab? It is a British company that has been working for a long time in the world market for the production of biologically active additives. On the shelves of Russian stores, this brand appeared relatively recently, but very quickly proved itself from the best side. And this is not surprising, since from the first day the manufacturer uses only advanced equipment and the latest scientific developments. This is what makes it possible to take the highest positions in the world rankings, and in Russia.

Sports nutrition VPLab is developed by leadingspecialists and is produced in the territory of three countries. This is the UK, the Netherlands, Germany. In the process, very strictly monitor the quality of raw materials, using only products of natural origin. VP Laboratory products are gaining popularity every year. And it's not surprising, because any athlete, whether it's a beginner or a professional, will find just what suits him.

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A wide range of

Among the products of VP Laboratory is the most popularL-carnitine. Produced in Sweden. In fact, this is the only pure L-carnitine from all that is currently on sale. You can buy this company's products in major online stores in your city. This is a relatively inexpensive product that allows you to maintain yourself in shape. In addition, among popular brands, it is possible to note isotonic and liquid amino acids for recovery after training, a special formula for joints and ligaments.

Protein Cocktails

It is this product that forms the basis, thanks towhich is known by VPLab. Sports nutrition, feedback about which emphasize high efficiency and reliability, as well as great taste, is optimal in terms of price-quality ratio. We will tell in detail only about some of the cocktails, because there are quite a few of them.

Platinum Casein. Millet casein, which is produced with a soft, gentle technology, designed to preserve the natural structure of the protein. What are the main advantages? This product has an amazing amino acid composition and is completely digested in 6 hours. Thus, the cocktail is successfully used for a set of dry muscle mass, as well as for controlling appetite. The cost is 2300 rubles per package (930 g).

Whey Protein Platinum Whey. The product is characterized by rapid absorption and a powerful anabolic effect. Regular reception together with competent power trainings allows to receive an excellent set of mass.

vplab sports nutrition reviews


Manufacturer VPLab sports nutritionis positioned as the simplest and most accessible way for drying and simultaneous collection of dry muscle mass. And the most popular in the assortment of the company is Mass Builder. A great geyner based on valuable protein, fast carbohydrates, creatine and vitamins. It is characterized by a minimal inclusion of the fat component, but it gives a colossal amount of protein. Due to this, the athlete receives 500 kcal per serving.

The main function of the gainer is to givebody all the necessary amino acids, as well as readily available energy for replenishing glycogen stores and increasing endurance. The cost is 2700 rubles. Packing is designed for 50 servings.

BCAA amino acids

VPLab Nutrition offers its customersenrich the daily diet with the following product. BCAA 8: 1: 1 is a new, micronized amino acid supplemented with glutamine for body transformation, increased endurance and better recovery after training. In the course of numerous tests, this supplement proved to be optimal for accelerating the collection of dry muscle mass and burning the fatty layer. Why do fitness instructors recommend this product? From the numerous analogues it is distinguished by a high content of leucine. It stimulates the powerful processes of changing your body. The cost of 1590 rubles, one package contains 30 portions. You will see for yourself how quickly the results were achieved.

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Vitamins and mineral complexes

With increased sports loads, the usesuch additives becomes necessary. At the same time, the VPLab product line offers you a vitaminized isotonic with the addition of coenzyme Q10, similar to L-carnitine, ampoules with magnesium and vitamins, as well as balanced complexes for the female and male body. On the latter we will dwell in more detail.

ULTRA MEN Sport Multivitamin Formula isa balanced complex that consists of 13 vitamins and 9 minerals, amino acids and plant supplements. This formula is specifically designed to optimize metabolic processes, maintain health and well-being with regular training. Packing includes 90 capsules for 45 days of admission, the cost is 1 thousand rubles.

Ultra Women's Multivitamin Formula is another unique product offered to us by the VPLab brand. does emphasis on the characteristics of the female body. Few of the modern manufacturers managed to launch exclusively high-quality vitamin supplements taking into account gender characteristics. So, this complex is composed of fifty active ingredients to improve energy metabolism, skin and hair health, nails and joints. But this is only one side. In addition, regular intake of these vitamins allows you to achieve the best result for fat burning and increase overall tone. The cost is 1 thousand rubles per packing.

In addition, the company implements variousdishes that are useful when using sports nutrition. These are shakers and glasses with a lid, which are easy to take with you to the training. They are used by millions of people around the world.

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Instead of concluding

You can talk endlessly about sports nutrition. The VPLab brand is known and recognized among consumers of protein cocktails and geyners. it excellent products, relatively inexpensive, possessingexceptional taste qualities. The assortment is very wide, it will find something for yourself and a beginner who wants to lose a couple of kilograms, and a weightlifter with experience. This choice can only afford the largest manufacturer of sports nutrition, which VPLab is. The big plus is that all products are certified. Regardless of where you buy cocktails or amino acids of this brand, you have the right to demand the provision of document-confirming quality. It is noteworthy that analyzing the feedback on the network, we did not find any negative. Optimum prices, high quality, pleasant taste, huge assortment - what else does an athlete need? Only an opportunity to visit the gym.