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Johannes Neeskens: biography, football career

Neeskens Johan is a former DutchA footballer who was born in Hemstead on September 15, 1951. For some time he was a field player, a midfielder, and since 1987 began a coaching career, which he finished only in 2012.

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Beginning of sports activities

Neeskens Johan was born in North Holland.And started his career at the local club of the RKH. It was in 1968. Two years later Neeskens, who was at the time 19 years old, signed his first professional contract. And of course, the team that invited him into their ranks was Ajax. Rinus Michels, who was the coach of the club at that time, was very impressed with the way Johan owns the ball. He was a really good right-back. Because he immediately began to release as a player basis.

And the young Dutchman won his first trophy in 1971. It was the Champions Cup. "Ajax" in the final beat FC "Panathinaikos".

In the following season, the young player changed his position -became the central midfielder. And in 1974 he went to FC Barcelona after his former (and now outgoing) team-mate Johan Cruyff. By the way, and the coach, Rinus Michels, also left earlier in "Barcelona". And since the team already had a footballer with the same name as Neeskens, he was given the nickname Johan Sekond (that is, the second).

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Further career

In those days, "Barcelona" was not so successfulclub as it is now. Because Neeskens won together with this team only two trophies - the Spanish Cup in 1978, and then - the Cup of UEFA Cup holders. In that final, "Barcelona" beat "Fortune".

In 1979, Johan Neeskens was invited toAmerican club "Cosmos" (New York). There, the Dutch spent five years. He played with such sportsmen as Franz Beckenbauer, Vladislav Bogichevich, Carlos Alberto. In 1980, he won the club with the title of US champion. And he finished his career as a fielder in FC Zug (Switzerland). In addition, he also played in Groningen (Netherlands), FC Baar and Levenbrau, as well as Fort Lauderdale San and Minnesota Strikers (the last two listed clubs are American). Completed the career of Neeskens Johan in 1991.

By the way, from 1970 to 1981 he was a player of his national team. In total he went on the field 49 times (official matches) and scored 17 goals.

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Change of activity

Having finished the career of a fielder, the formerDutch footballer decided to become a coach. Although it is worth noting some interesting fact. Being a field player of the clubs "Zug" and "Baar", he was also considered a coach in parallel. So he started this activity back in 1987, if so.

At first he worked as an assistant to the chiefcoach of the Netherlands national team. And remained in this position until 2000. Then he decided to leave and became coach of FC "Nijmegen". However, in 2004 he was sacked because of the poor results of the team in the championship. But despite this fact, on March 4 of the same year Neeskens entered the list of the 125 greatest living football players. The list was announced by Pele himself.

In 2005 he became an assistant to the head coachthe national Australian team. Then she was led by Guus Hiddink. And in 2006 he returned to FC Barcelona. There he was to replace Henk ten Kate in the team's technical headquarters. But in 2008, May 8, after not the best two seasons, Joan Laporta (who is the president of the Catalan club), said that Rijkaard and Neeskens leave the club at the end of the season-2007/08. After that, Johan still coached the Turkish "Galatasaray" and the South African "Mameddy Sundowns."

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Johan Neeskens is very interestingpersonality. He owns a lot of expressions with deep meaning relating to football. So, for example, he said that football has a very small future, like humanity. He said that this sport is like a feeling of a carefree child who plays on the street. And then a man grows up, he has money, fame, a girl. And this is advertising. Football is designed to give indescribable emotions, but now the sport turns into this very advertisement.

And he never tired of repeating it. One day he told me that he had gone away with his wife to Switzerland. He rested. And local teams called him to him. However, he did not want professional football. For Johan great value was the romance of the game and the feelings that this process gives - not fame, not money.

And of course, he assured that the modern generationdoes not know what real street football is. He does not know the children's joy of the game. Now the younger generation functions as an adult. It has been fighting for contracts since small years. And it can be seen.

Well, looking at modern sports, we can say that in something Johan was really right. He turned out to be a very far-sighted person.

Team Progress

And of course, you can not tell about what thisthe sportsman has achieved. First, he twice with his national team became a silver medalist of the World Cup. The first time in 1974, and the second in 1978. Also, once he and his team won bronze at the European Championships in 1976.

With "Ajax" Neeskens Johan won such an honorabletitle as the champion of the Netherlands. And two times. Once they took the second place, and another - the third. Also twice he and "Ajax" became the owner of the Dutch Cup and the European Champions Cup (three times). Two times they won the UEFA Super Cup and once the Intercontinental Cup.

With "Barcelona" he was three times the silver medalist of the championship of Spain. Once took third place in the "Example". They also managed to win the Cup of the country, as well as the Cup Winners Cup.

With FC "New York Cosmos" Johan twice became champion of NASL. In general, as you can see, he has a lot of team achievements.

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Personal achievements

Of personal awards - the nomination for the "Golden Ball". And nominated him four times! In 1972, 1974, 1975 and in 1978. But it was not possible to win. But it was this man who was recognized as the best foreign player of the year in Spain (this was when he defended the colors of the Catalan "Barcelona"). And, finally, Neeskens is listed in FIFA-100. And this is one of the most significant achievements for any professional specialist.

Now this athlete is 64 years old, and he is no longeris engaged in football activities. Coaching career, he completed as early as 2012-m. As he himself said: "I played well and made a good career." So all that the footballer wanted, he achieved. And this is commendable.