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Oxyasay exercises for weight loss

The innovative complex of gymnastics oxysize wasinvented by an American teacher not so long ago. And for a short time, exercise oxysize has become popular all over the world. This technique is aimed at reducing weight and strengthening the various muscles of the body. The exercises themselves in this technique are very simple. But they are performed in conjunction with a complex respiratory gymnastics. Due to the increased enrichment of the body's oxygen and

exercise oxysize
simultaneous execution of static loads in this or that area, burning of fat cells takes place.

Oxysase exercises do not have contraindications. They can be performed by women of any age at any time of the day, even pregnant women. Having mastered the technique of breathing, you will spend only 15 minutes a day for the whole complex of classes. This is the main advantage of gymnastics oxysize.

Essence of breathing oxysize. Exercises for basic training

gymnastics oxysize

The breathing technique must be brought to automaticity. At the initial stage, there may be dizziness. This is not terrible, because the body has not yet received a large dose of oxygen. After a while dizziness disappears and you can safely exercise.

Standing on the floor with a straight back, simultaneouslyit is necessary to strain the muscles of the press, buttocks, take a deep breath through the nose, give the pelvis forward and inflate the stomach like a ball. At the same time, we stretch our lips in a smile, do not bend our backs and straighten our shoulder blades. At a time when a person is smiling, his nostrils open wide and, therefore, more oxygen is injected.

At the time of severe muscle contraction and deep inspirationit is necessary to make three more sharp additional breaths and tighten the stomach. Then exhale strongly and sharply through the mouth, without lowering your head, without relaxing the buttocks, straining your abdominal muscles. Lips should be closed as if you need to drink a glass of water through a straw. For complete emptying of the lungs, three additional exhaled breaths are additionally produced. At each pre-void the stomach is drawn.

exercise oxysize
Due to the constant movement and tension of the abdominal muscles - the press swings.

All oxysize exercises are built from fourrespiratory cycles and muscle tension. They are carried out as a single whole: breathing in - three inlets - exhalation - three in advance. These four respiratory cycles are one repetition. Only after one complete repetition can you relax and take a break. Gymnastics oxysize implies the execution in one approach of thirty repetitions. It takes only 15 minutes (one repetition - 30 seconds).

Basic exercise oxysize

  1. Standing on the floor, your legs are set shoulder width apart. Raise one arm up and stretch strongly. Perform one respiratory repetition. Lower your hand. Repeat the same with the other hand.
  2. Spread your legs, close your hands in the lock behind your back and reach back hard. Perform four cycles per breath. Give up.
  3. Clasp the hands in front of the chest in fists and reduce them with knuckles. Strongly press fists against each other and perform an exercise on breathing.
  4. Lean against the wall of the lumbar part, push your legs 7 cm forward, hands with effort to close in front of the chest. Perform respiratory retry.
  5. Standing in front of a chair, put your feet out with your toes. Holding on to the back, bend a little bit of a foot in the knees. Strain the buttocks, and perform a breathing exercise.
  6. Holding on to the back of the chair, lift one leg back and pull the sock. Pulling the buttocks, perform a basic breathing exercise. Repeat with the other leg.