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Collapsible dumbbells - the best choice for home workouts

Home workouts are a good alternativefor those people who lead a very busy lifestyle and can not afford to attend various fitness clubs or gyms. However, good classes require the appropriate equipment of a personal area for physical activities on their living space. The latter, in addition to the availability of sufficient space for equipment, requires the introduction of tangible financial resources, which are far from everyone, or who are not ready to invest in this business not engaged in fitness. The best that a person can afford in this situation without affecting his budget and maintaining a fairly good training efficiency is a collapsible dumbbell.

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Classes with the latter are so effective thatcan replace a whole room, stuffed with the latest power equipment. It is not difficult to guess that dumbbells are collapsible, the price of which can vary widely, have different manufacturers. For example, there are expensive variants of these shells with completely chrome parts, and cheap ones, without any coatings. Of course, for someone important and cleanliness, and comfort, and convenience, and someone just enough two pieces of iron and basement in order to hold a really high-intensity training.

Of course, collapsible dumbbells are a good choice forthose people who always or more time train at home, but what are their advantages in comparison with other shells? First, they enable the execution of a wide range of movements. For example, you can do with them as exercises for the bottom, and for the upper musculature. Secondly, the discreteness of the given load. This means that collapsible dumbbells can be loaded so that their weight changes in steps from the smallest to the largest value. For example, in such light exercises as concentrated hand bending, you can install such disks, so that the mass of the projectile changes by 100 grams or less.

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On the other hand, during sit-ups ordeadlift can be changed this parameter up to several tens of kilograms. Third, collapsible dumbbells are an excellent chance to maximize coordination and balance in the development of muscles as quickly as possible. The load is distributed on each side separately, so that its uniform influence on the muscles occurs. Fourth, this is convenience. The use of such a projectile, as a bar, implies the presence of a power frame or racks, on which it is placed at the end of the approach. Collapsible dumbbells at the end of the approach can simply be thrown to the floor, without fear of being overwhelmed by excessive weight, if suddenly it turns out to be so.

Dumbbells folding 20 kg
What weight should this type of projectile be forinitial training? As a rule, collapsible dumbbells, 20 kg of which are more than enough for both men and women, are applied from the very first days of classes in the hall. Since at this stage of training there is more training in the technique of movements in the basic exercises, their weight should be sufficient to feel that there is a weight in the hands and a certain load on the muscles is created. However, in any case you can not use too massive dumbbells, otherwise at best you can break the trajectory of traffic, and at worst - get injured.