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NHL records: team, individual, best goals

Records of NHL - a topic quite popular andworn out. No matter, whether it is an individual or team achievement, they often do not stay long. But, in addition, there are results that forever go down in history and remain in the memory of millions of fans. It does not do without those personalities who somehow or other try to inscribe themselves in history. Someone turns out, someone does not. This article highlights the brightest and most memorable world history of hockey players of the National Hockey League.

Wayne Gretzky - the legend of the NHL

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that if we talk aboutrecorders, it is worth mentioning the name of Wayne Great Gretzky, which was forever imprinted in the history of the NHL. Individual records - Wayne's hobby, it is in this category that he still has or shares with other players no less than 61 NHL record! Among them - 40 achievements in the regular season, 15 - in the playoffs and 6 records in the matches of the NHL stars. Not bad, is not it?

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The most memorable in his career have becomerecords in the regular season: 92 goals, 163 assists and 215 points. Among the achievements were also the best goals in the playoffs, and the total number of goals, thrown into the opponent's gate during the career in the playoffs, is 122. In addition, in 1983 in the match of all NHL stars it was Gretzky who achieved an incredible result in 4 goals for one period. Wayne Gretzky is rightfully considered an absolute record holder and the total number of records for his entire professional career.

Mark Messier can also

Another hockey player, who, perhaps, did not showsuch records as the NHL, as Gretzky, but still achieved good results, - Mark Messier. One of the most impressive figures in Mark was the total number of matches he had played in his career - 1992.

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Messier tried very hard to show the best results,and that's why, following Wayne, he is ranked in the scoring of the playoffs for his career. In addition, Mark became the owner of six Stanley Cups, five of which were obtained in the game for the star structure of the Edmonton Oilers.

Gordon Gordy Howe - "long-liver" NHL

To everyone's regret, June 10, 2016 inthe age of 88 years passed away Gordon Howe - one of those hockey players who were devoted to their work. That is why he has every right to be placed in the rating of the best hockey players of the National Hockey League.

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Having started hockey career in 1946 at the age of 18years at the position of the right forwards for the club "Red Wings", Gordy spent 1767 matches in the regular season of the NHL. On his account were the best goals, and the best transfers, and the greatest number of matches in the role of the right-handed striker in the regular season of the NHL. In total, Howe devoted 35 years to his career, becoming the participant of the greatest number of NHL seasons, namely - 26.

Coward does not play hockey

Born in 1929 in Canada, Taras Savchuk(later the name was officially changed to English-speaking Terrence) and could not imagine that his name would once be in the history of the NHL. And all because the Canadian of Ukrainian origin became one of the best goalkeepers, who achieved great success and set several records in the National Hockey League, one of which has not been beaten to this day. The thing is that Terry, as his friends called him affectionately, had fantastic speed and an incredible reaction. Goalkeeper, hockey for whom was the meaning of life, for a long time even after his death was the absolute record holder in the number of matches dry. In total, he spent 103 matches, not missing a single puck into his own net. Only in 2009 Martin Brodor was able to bypass the legendary Savchuk.

Can not a striker? Will score the goalkeeper!

If someone thinks that the goal of the goalkeeperin hockey is limited only by the protection of the gate, then he is greatly mistaken. Take at least Martin Broder, who from 1992 to 2014 played at the gate for the team "New Jersey Devils." It was there that he showed himself as the best goalkeeper. Hockey for Martin is not just a hobby, but the meaning of all life. That's why at the moment he has more than 20 different NHL records. But the most memorable of them - as many as 3 goals for the goalkeeping career!

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If you consider that scoring goals is a matterattackers, well, or in the extreme case of defenders, Martin Brodier completely broke this stereotype. Although, it can be noted that he was not the first who started this race of goalkeepers. Ronald Hextoll - that's who really pioneered. It was Ron who threw the puck into the empty net of the opponent in the NHL season 1979/80. In addition, Ronald was also the first NHL goalkeeper to have thrown the puck at the gate of the opponent's goal in the Stanley Cup match. Impressive result!

"They carry water on the offended"

Team records of the NHL - this is the theme thatalso deserves considerable attention. And the first achievement worth mentioning is the incredible 35 matches held by the Philadelphia Flyers without defeat in regular time in the NHL 1979/80 season.

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"Flyers" started the season is not just disgusting, theylost the first two games with a score of 2: 5 and 2: 9, respectively. It was after the second defeat that the pride of the orange-black was deeply hurt. "Armed with" a good mood, the team went to the ice and began to smash the enemy. The result did not wait - 25 victories won and 10 confident draws for the season totaled 35 matches, which were played without defeat in this season. Absolute NHL record!

Several records in one match

A few years before Gordon Howejoined the Detroit Red Wings, the latter held a truly fantastic match against the New York Rangers. It happened in January 1943. "Rangers" arrived in Detroit, not suspecting anything, and the game started quietly. However, by the end of the first period there were 2 washers in the goal of the "blue-shirt". But the score 2: 0 is not a verdict, and so the "Wings" decided not to stop, so that by the end of the second third of the match on the scoreboard the sparkling 5: 0 sparkled already. But, probably, "intimidating 5: 0" is a hasty conclusion. And all because at the end of the third half after the hat-trick Sida Howie score was ... 15: 0! There was also a sixteenth puck, but the judge found that she crossed the goal line a second after the final whistle.

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It was the 15 goals left for the match that beat allthe existing records of the NHL and made the Red Wings the winner of the nominations for more pucks, abandoned in one match, as well as 15 goals, abandoned in a row (unimportantly, during one game or several) without a single missed puck into their own net.

Record length of the NHL match

It would seem that in 60 minutes of normal time, you cansolve all the cases, score a couple goals and calmly go home. If it does not work out, there is always an overtime and a shootout in case of an emergency. But it was not always so. Until then, the rules of the game did not envision a series of shootouts, and in the playoffs players had to fight to the finish. This is exactly what happened in the most legendary match of the Stanley Cup semi-final in 1936. For six overtime "teams" fought the "Detroit" and "Montreal". For all this time, none of the goalkeepers made a mistake, and the score on the scoreboard was 0: 0. Only at the level of 116 minutes and 30 seconds, when even the most persistent viewers watched the second dream, and the hockey players did not have enough strength to cross the border for the change of composition, the desperate Moder Mad Bruneto took advantage of the goalkeeper's mistake and brought victory to Detroit.

Talk about records and achievements in varioussports can be endless, but no one dares to argue that the blood and then the same victories are achieved in hockey. After all, this sport is one of the most rude and tough, requiring special preparation and a lot of effort. The National Hockey League has always been famous for its beautiful moments and bright records.