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Yuri Nikiforov: football player of four national teams

Former football player Yuri Nikiforov was uniqueplayer. He played in three different football championships of the Soviet and post-Soviet period (USSR, Ukraine, Russia). Also Yuri Nikiforov played for four different teams (the USSR, Ukraine, CIS, Russia).

Yuri Nikiforov


Footballer Yuri Nikiforov was born on September 15, 1970year in Odessa (Ukraine). The game position on the football field is the defender. Height 189 cm, weight 84 kg. Years of performance in big football - 1986-2004. He is married. Natalia's wife gave him two daughters.

During the game performed a large amount of work,moving around the perimeter of the football field. Often connected to attacks. As a defender was reliable, tough, uncompromising in martial arts. He had a strong set blow, which applied when assigning penalties.

Career football player

As a football player, Yuri Nikiforov performed in five countries around the world for eight different clubs. He played 375 matches, which scored 32 goals.

  • 1986-1988 - Chernomorets (Odessa), SKA (Odessa);
  • 1988-1989 - "Dynamo" (Kiev);
  • 1990-1992 - Chernomorets (Odessa);
  • 1993-1996 - "Spartacus" (Moscow);
  • 1996-1998 - Sporting (Spain);
  • 1998-2002 - PSV (Netherlands);
  • 2003 - "Waalwijk" (the Netherlands);
  • 2003-2004 - "Urawa Red Diamonds" (Japan).

For four different national teams Yuri Nikiforov played from 1990 to 2002. He spent 72 matches. Goals Yuri Nikiforov 6 times brought points to his teams.

National teams:

  • 1990-1991 - Olympic team of the USSR;
  • 1992 - the national team of the CIS;
  • 1992 - the national team of Ukraine;
  • 1993-2002 - the Russian national team.

In addition, in 1987, Yuri Nikiforov tookParticipation in the World Cup among juniors (under 16 years), where the USSR team took first place, and Nikiforov himself became the best scorer of the tournament (5 goals). In 1988 he, playing for the national team, wins the title of champion of Europe (U-19).

yuri nikiforov football player

In 2005, Yuri Nikiforov took part in several international beach soccer tournaments as part of the Russian national team.

Trophies and achievements

Yuri Nikiforov was the owner of club trophiesfour countries of the world. He became the Russian champion in the Moscow Spartak three times, twice won the Dutch championship with the PSV team, won the National Cups in Ukraine, Russia, Japan. Nikiforov was a participant of two world championships and two European championships. I played 59 games for the Russian national team.

Stages of a long way

Play career of the pupil of Odessa footballbegan in 1986 as part of "Chernomorets". But the young fragile guy could not compete with the powerful strikers of the best teams of the supreme league of the championship of the USSR and was sent to the local team of the SKA, where he had to get necessary physical conditions. A year later Nikiforov returned to the team "Chernomorets" and played so that he became the object of close attention of the coach of Dynamo Kiev Valery Lobanovsky. At that time, there were no obstacles for the transfer of the best players to the flagship of Ukrainian and Soviet football. Yuri Nikiforov becomes a player of "Dynamo".

Perhaps the acquisition of Nikiforov was associated withattempt to weaken the rival, which at that time was "Chernomorets", perhaps Yuri himself did not show his best football qualities, but somehow he spent two years in a Dynamo double without playing a single match in the main team. At the same time, two years of the Dynamo double were football player counted as an urgent army service.

In 1990, Yuri Nikiforov returned to his native countryTeam, where he spends two magnificent seasons. He is even involved in the Olympic team of the USSR. But well-known political events began that resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union. In search of a better share, many famous players of the Ukrainian championship left the country, choosing far and near abroad. Yuri goes to the Moscow club "Spartacus" to Oleg Romantsev (photo of the coach below).

Yuri Nikiforov Spartak

Here Yuri Nikiforov - footballer in demand. His football career is at the zenith. He becomes one of the best players in the Russian championship. In 1992, Nikiforov went to the European championship in Sweden as part of the CIS team.

After the formation of the Football Federation of Russiathe athlete for almost 10 years becomes an indispensable player of the Russian team. He takes part in the European Championships in 1996, the world championships in 1994 and 2002.

Yuri Nikiforov recalls "Spartacus" as a team,which gave him the opportunity to play in the strongest European championships. And although the first foreign voyage to Gijón "Sporting" did not satisfy the footballer's ambitions, Yuri Nikiforov has every reason to be proud of the next stage of his career.


As part of the Dutch PSV, he wins the national championship twice, having played 99 matches in four years.

goals of Yuri Nikiforov

Maintain the maximum physical condition,showing an impeccable game in defense at 32, is already quite difficult. In addition, the old numerous injuries are becoming more common. And in 2003, through the "Waalwijk" club, Yuri concludes his football career with the Japanese team "Urawa Red Diamonds". Here, in 2004, in the career of the great football player was put a point.

Now Yuri Nikiforov lives in Spain (the cityGijon), leaving on the field for a local team of veterans. After finishing coaching courses in 2014, worked as the second coach in the Kazakhstan team "Irtysh" and assistant head coach at the club "Kuban" (Russia).