/ / Stepper: reviews, description, recommendations for training. Scandinavian walking simulator for the home

Stepper: reviews, description, recommendations for training. Scandinavian walking simulator for the home

Walking in its various forms (walkingstep, at an accelerated pace, on the ladder) is the most accessible and ancient type of physical exertion. It is shown to people of all ages. As the testimonies testify, the stepper can perfectly replace the indicated training at home or in the gym. What benefit does the device, and how safe it is, look further.

Stepper for school at home

Short description

The stepper simulator works according to the principle of executionalternate steps on the pedals of the lever structure. It's a kind of imitation of moving up the stairs. The device of this sports equipment may include a mechanical or electromagnetic load mechanism. Also, shells differ between themselves in a dependent or independent move, design design, size and a set of options. The main task of the simulator is to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks. In addition, when performing complex exercises, other muscle groups are included in the work.


Below are the types of steppers whose reviews are mostly positive:

  • Classic version.It is used to work the gluteal muscles and lower limbs. If you exercise with such dumbbells using dumbbells, you can pump the upper part of the trunk and hands without problems.
  • Rotary stepper is equipped with a rotating handle,which serves to rotate the body at the time of doing the exercises. This allows you to effectively work your back, abdominal muscles and form a beautiful waist.
  • The balancing modification makes it possible to develop coordination, thanks to the constant movement of the center of gravity from one leg to the other.
  • The elliptical simulator combines the functions of a "peg", an exercise bike and a treadmill, allows you to develop almost all the muscles of the body.
  • Mini-steppers are reduced analogues of classical variations.
  • Variants with expanders include in their design rubber bands, which contribute to the development of the upper part of the hull.
  • Children's modifications are also popular.
Classes on the stepper

Recommendations for training

Start classes on the sportsThe simulator should be followed with 10-minute exercises of low intensity. Before the start of training, it is necessary to warm up well, and in the process - to control the pulse rate. After getting used to the initial load, you can increase the duration of classes. According to the reviews, a stepper, or rather exercises on it, give effect in a month (enough to deal with 15-20 minutes a day).

For weight loss, the recommended durationtraining on a sports equipment is not less than forty minutes. Pulse - about 100 strokes for beginners and up to 130 - for users with medium training. As a result of the exercise, the rule runs for 25 minutes. During this period, sugar is consumed in the blood, and then the process of burning fat deposits starts. Periodicity of classes should be at least three times a week, the intensity of the load depends on the experience and individual abilities of the athlete. Those who want to get rid of extra pounds, it is better to train in the morning. It is worth noting that for half an hour of training on this simulator you can burn up to 250 kilocalories.

Benefits for the Cardiovascular System

Stepper, and reviews about him it's optionalprove, belongs to the group of cardiovascular equipment. This fact indicates that the exercises on it allow to increase the blood supply of the heart muscle, strengthen the walls of the vessels and the respiratory system as a whole. To stimulate the heart, experts recommend practicing no more than 15 minutes at the upper limit of the pulse.

During training, you should monitorheart rate readings. If the device is not equipped with a special sensor, you can calculate the information using an elementary formula: from 220 take the age, then multiply the result by 85 (upper value) or 65 percent (lower limit). In the case of an understated value, the result of the lessons will be zero, and if the parameter is exceeded, an organism overload is observed.

Exercises on the stepper

The fight against cellulite and the increase of muscle tone

Hateful "orange peel" with regularlessons on the stepper simulator will be steadily melting. This is due to increased blood circulation in the problem areas of the lower body. The effect can be enhanced by combining exercises with cosmetic procedures and wearing special neoprene clothes.

Intensive circulation helps to removeSlags and toxins, as well as smoothing the surface of the skin. Also, training on the projectile will tidy the muscles of the calves, ankle, thighs, buttocks. If the simulator is equipped with additional devices in the form of rotary knobs and a balancing mechanism, it is possible to study almost all muscle groups of the body.

Improved coordination and endurance

Stepper (Scandinavian walking) allows you to raisecoordinated activity of the muscles of the body without critical loads. Balancing or lateral modifications are best for this purpose. Exercises on the shell in question give an opportunity to develop endurance and strength. This is especially true for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Mini steppers

Steppers for home is a means of getting rid ofproblems with joints, bones and internal organs. Classes on the simulators are relevant for children who spend a lot of time sitting behind their lessons or a computer. This is important, since movement is the main stimulator of growth and the overall formation of the body. It is recommended to start classes on stepper not earlier than from the age of four.

Correction of the figure and strengthening of immunity

Constant motor activity stimulatesmetabolic processes in the body, providing a uniform and full-valued physiological load. This is also true for diseases of the bone and posttraumatic recovery.

Long natural steps on the stepper(Nordic walking) improve blood circulation in the pelvic area, abdominal cavity and extremities. Classes allow to strengthen the general state of immunity, serve as prevention of constipation, prostate diseases and gynecological problems.

Exercises on the specified simulator allowpull up flabby muscles, configure the waist, get a slender silhouette. Consider the characteristics of the device on the example of one of the most popular brands of sports equipment.

Stepper "Scandinavian walking"

Stepper Gambit

This simulator has a stable frame andpedals with anti-slip coating. This ensures safety during training. The process of doing the exercises is to press the pedals with your feet, holding the arms of the projectile. The handles can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, which makes it possible to guarantee maximum control of the trunk position during training.

Stepper Gambit

Stepper Gambit differs maximum comfort. In a home setting, you can play with your favorite music under the chosen intensity, performing not only steps, but also twists and turns. This makes it possible to work out the muscles of the press, legs, buttocks, back and hands. The device is equipped with a regulator of loads and the amplitude of movements.

Specifications and reviews

Consider the main parameters of steppers for the house of the above brand:

  • There is a function for adjusting the height of the pedals.
  • An anti-slip coating is provided on the working surfaces.
  • The permissible mass of the user is not more than 100 kilograms.
  • The supply source is a battery element of the LR-44 type.
  • The weight of the unit is 8.95 kg.

In the reviews about the stepper "Gambit" users point out the following advantages:

  • Compactness.
  • Efficacy in the development of muscle and weight loss.
  • Practicality.
  • Presence of a pulse controller.
  • Multifunctionality.

By cons, consumers attribute a fairly high cost to the device and a weight limit.

Possible contraindications

Rotary steppers

Given that walking is natural for almostany person, stepper does not cause any special fear. It seems that he is absolutely safe. However, this is not quite true. Training on the simulator requires the application of certain efforts, which requires specialist advice.

It is not recommended to engage in this sport equipment in the following cases:

  • In the presence of untreated completely injuries, including fractures, dislocations and sprains.
  • The presence of diseases of the joints and spine in serious stages.
  • After a stroke or heart attack.
  • If there are chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver or respiratory system.
  • When pregnancy is late.
  • Diabetes mellitus and hypertension in the period of exacerbation.
  • Catarrhal diseases accompanied by fever.

Summing up

Stepper simulator with display

Stepper rotary and its varieties allowto lead an active lifestyle, using a simulator at home. A sports projectile will not only allow you to keep fit, but also contribute to weight loss. When choosing, take into account the recommendations of experts and feedback from users. They will help you decide on the choice of brand and the availability of options from the purchased device. The effectiveness of training in many ways depends on the correct and regular use of the simulator, the desire and compliance with security measures.