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What is the use of running for health?

Every person from childhood knows that the occupationphysical culture is always good for health. Whatever you are, a sportsman or an ordinary person, do morning exercises or jogging in the evenings, and believe me - it will never hurt you.

I would like to stay on the run, becauseThis is the most effective way to maintain an excellent physical shape. The use of running is very great. The advantage of this track-and-field sport is strengthening of muscles, training of the heart, improvement of blood supply to the body and coordination. If you have mental work and your head "boils" after a hard day's work, then jogging to help you, because it will help you to have a good rest from worries and relax. The benefit of running is so effective that it is used in hygienic and industrial gymnastics, as well as in physiotherapy exercises.

In fact, if there is a desire, then you can runindividually. You can carry out this process at the nearest stadium or in the park. If very tight with this, then the daily runs that are most effective, because it is such a run that strengthens ligaments and joints, you can make right in the room. The apartment, as a rule, does not always have enough room for maneuvering, so it is best to do it on the spot, lifting your knees high and breathing evenly. If you are far from sports, you can accelerate during normal walking, which is also a useful activity.

It has long been proven that the benefits of running for healthUndoubtedly, if, of course, everything is right to do. First, you need to consult a doctor who should allow you to carry physical activities, because existing problems with the heart, if any, can lead to deplorable situations. This is especially true for people over thirty. And secondly, the most important rule, especially for beginners, is not to overwork your body. It is enough to run for 13-15 minutes 3-4 times a week. There are times when a person lights up to run and at the first training himself very much exhausts himself, and on the morning of the next day he can not get up because of muscle pains. The further desire to continue to study immediately disappears. During the runs it is recommended to periodically check the pulse to monitor the physical condition. It is important to observe consistency and a clear order. If you decide to run every other day, do not try to make an adjustment to your individual schedule. And follow the principle of gradualness, because this will allow you to increase the load.

It is clear that physical culture includesa complex of various exercises, which in their own way affect the human body. And what is the use of running? Answering this question, it is safe to say that it is running that helps to lose weight, which is an urgent problem for today, and also significantly reduces the risk of developing diseases that are associated with increased blood pressure. Improves the functioning of the liver and there is an increase in motor activity of the intestine, which is a good way to fight constipation. The use of running is also manifested in the prevention of the development of hypertension, varicose veins on the legs, spastic colitis and even, in some cases, diabetes mellitus.

Running in the summer outdoors, you are sure toask yourself if you can do the same in the winter. Of course you can. Initially, making a winter run, be sure to let the body get used to such loads. Warm up preferably before going out on the street and, running out into the open air, try not to stop, because when standing, the risk of disease increases. And an urgent advice to winter runners is not to run on ice, because slipping, you can cause yourself serious injuries. Here, of course, there are pluses and minuses, but if you "weigh" them, then no weather conditions will not be an obstacle for you to make another run.