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Biography of Peter Chernyshov - skater, presenter and participant of various shows

Many fans and connoisseurs of figure skatinga well-known smiling and handsome young man who in recent years often appears on TV screens as a participant and presenter of various ice shows. His name is Peter Chernyshov.


biography of Peter Chernyshov skater
Born future figure skater in a beautiful cityLeningrad, in the family of intellectuals. His parents are Andrei Petrovich and Lyubov Vasilyevna - engineers. They named his son after the grandfather of Peter Chernyshov, a four-time champion of the USSR in single figure skating, who performed in the 1930s. Peter's younger brother has never professionally engaged in sports, although he skates with pleasure.

Sports biography of Peter Chernyshov (skater)by today's standards it did not start very early. He began to play sports since six years. Already at the age of eight, I regularly went to sports competitions and gatherings. More than two hundred days a year at such a young age, the boy spent away from home.


Biography of Peter Chernyshov (skater) is inseparableis connected with sports. He started as a solitary. In the eighties he was a small group of athletes who mastered the technique of triple jump. Peter repeatedly won in the championship of Leningrad, took pride of place in the championships of the Soviet Union and Russia. Somewhat later Peter Chernyshov, a skater whose biography seemed to be forever associated with single skating, abruptly changed his role and became interested in sports dances. His very first partner was a young beginner sportswoman Sofya Eliazova. Her mother advised Peter to move to the United States.

Petr Chernyshov skater biography

In 1992 Chernyshov together with his wife, to thattime famous and popular sportswoman Natalia Annenko, who also danced on the ice, moved to the United States and began training with Sofia in Lake Placid at the school of Natalia Dubova. Unfortunately, the pair did not achieve significant results and soon broke up.

Biography of Peter Chernyshov (skater) makesa steep turn when Natalia Dubova invites from Detroit Naomi Lang. In its first sporting season, the newly created pair ranks third in the United States championship, then five times they become champions of the country. In 2001, Peter receives the citizenship of the United States, and the Chernyshev-Lang couple becomes a participant in the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, the performance was not very successful, as a result they took only 11th place. The pair achieves higher results at the world championships and individual stages of the Grand Prix, where they manage to enter the top five. In the season of the 2000th year they rank third in the overall standings. The biography of Peter Chernyshov, a figure skater with experience, also knows loud victories. In 2000 and 2002, Chernyshov and Lang became champions of the Four Continents Championship. In early 2003, Peter finished speaking and took up coaching.

how old is Petr Chernyshov skater
Today, many fans are interested in the question of how many years Peter Chernyshov. On February 6, 2014, the figure turned 43.

Personal life

Biography of Peter Chernyshov - skater, coach,showman - consists not only of wrestling. A big place in it is personal life. The first marriage of Peter was concluded in 1988 with Natalia Annenko. It lasted seven years, and even after the divorce, the ex-spouse always speaks very warmly and respectfully of Peter. Parting was due to the emerging sympathy of Peter to his partner Naomi Lang. After the divorce from Natalia, the affair with the American figure skater began to develop, but before the wedding, it did not come. In 2008, Chernyshov married actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.