/ / Pilates, what is it and what are the advantages of this technique

Pilates, what is it and what are the advantages of this technique

Pilates - what is it? This is a system of exercises, which got its name due to its creator Joseph Pilates. Recently, this technique has become popular, despite the fact that in Russia it appeared relatively recently.

Pilates, what is it?

The "Pilates" system will be useful to those whotries to keep himself in good shape and take care of his health. Pilates complex first appeared more than a hundred years ago, but during this period, changes and improvements were made to it. However, the essence of this system remains unchanged - control of the body and spirit. All exercises are performed according to a strictly planned program, all groups of muscles are involved in their implementation. Classes on the "Pilates" - what is it? This is a training in which the intensity of performance and not the amount of exercise is important. Of greater importance is their quality and focus on certain parts of the body.

Benefits of training

Pilates exercises develop flexibility andmobility of the whole body. In addition, this is the safest kind of muscle training, because the exercises gently affect the body while simultaneously training and strengthening it. To answer the question: "Pilates system" - what is it? ", It is necessary to understand that every movement in this technique is born from consciousness, the muscles are controlled by the work of the brain.

Pilates complex

Pilates is suitable for almost everyone without exception: women, men or adolescents. You can do it at home, or with a coach in a fitness club. At the same time the level of training does not matter, since the probability of injury is low. This system is the safest and most effective for stretching. Pilates is recommended even for training during pregnancy and after the birth of a child.

Pilates for the back

Physicians and physiotherapists are advised to applyPilates exercises for rehabilitation after injuries, including spine injuries. So, Pilates exercises - what is it? As a rule, they include stretching, loading on deep muscles and proper breathing. To avoid mistakes in movement and breathing, it is very important to start correctly classes using this technique.

Basic rules and principles of the methodology

There are three options for training in the system"Pilates": exercises on special simulators, on the floor and on the floor with special equipment. Movement in the training process should be slow and smooth. It is very important to concentrate and monitor the technique of their implementation.

Training should take place in a relaxedcondition. It is necessary to tune in to the exercises and get rid of stress. With the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis it is necessary to ensure the correct position of the trunk. Every movement must go smoothly to the next - this is Pilates. What it is? This means that the movement does not stop. The end of one exercise is the continuation of the next.

Pilates for the back

A simple set of exercises according to the Pilates method

First of all, you need to master the twisting. This exercise promotes the training of abdominal muscles. It is important to remember that you can not hold your breath during twisting. In doing this exercise, imagine that your goal is to smoothly lay the spine on the floor and just as smoothly tear it off the floor. It is forbidden to tilt or tilt the head, they should be on the same line with the spine.

So, sit on the floor, your hands are on your hips,legs are straight. Now bend your legs, putting your feet on the floor. Please note that you can not tear them off the floor during this exercise! The back is straight, the crown of the head is stretched upwards. Hands pressed to the hollows under the knees. Slowly lower the spine to the floor, the vertebra behind the vertebrae. Once you reach the floor, start to roll in the reverse order. Perform the exercise 5-6 times, without pauses and breaks.

The next thing you need to master for training onmethod of Pilates, is stretching. To do the exercise, lie on your back, your arms are stretched along the body, your legs are slightly bent at the knees. The feet are pressed to the floor. Now raise your legs, bending them until your knees are close to your chest. Grab your legs with your hands, so that your knees are pressed to your chest. In this case, pull the head and shoulders above the knees. Then, on inhalation, take your hands off your legs, straighten your legs and pull them up. Exercise repeat 6-8 times, without stops and breaks.

The Pilates program has almost no contraindications. The most important thing is to stick to the right breathing and not exercise through force.