/ How to make an electric wheel for a bicycle with your own hands?

How to make an electric wheel for a bike with your own hands?

Today, a bicycle with an electric wheel graduallybecomes the object of interest of a huge number of avid bicyclists around the world. This is due not only to the environmental friendliness of this type of transport, but also to the presence of an impressive number of obvious advantages in comparison with the whole mass of other widely available vehicles.

What is an electric bike?

electric bicycle

Electric bicycles are equipped with a speciala battery motor that is capable, in part or in full, of driving a two-wheeled vehicle. The main driving force here is an electric wheel for a bicycle.

Engine power for electric bicycles inDepending on the configuration and model ranges from 100 to 1000 watts. At the same time, bicycles with an electric drive can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h.

Advantages of electric bicycles

electric wheeled bike

By installing an electric wheel for a bicycle, the owner of a two-wheeled vehicle receives the following benefits:

  • overcoming of serious distances without special physical preparation, costs of forces and energy;
  • the ability to bring the bicycle into motion with the help of pedals and thanks to the work of the electric motor;
  • availability of convenient, compact transport, the maintenance of which requires minimum costs in comparison with a motorcycle or a car;
  • ease of movement in a city with saturated traffic;
  • no need to obtain the rights and registration of transport in the traffic police.

Disadvantages of bicycles with electric wheels

Among the obvious disadvantages of electric-powered bicycles is:

  • An impressive weight, which affects the convenience of movement in the transition to the pedal mode of motion;
  • a sufficiently long battery charging and a short battery life;
  • high cost of finished factory electric bicycles;
  • relatively low speed of movement.

Features of the installation of electric wheels

When an electric motor is available,Determine on which axis of the bike it will be installed. Specialists strongly recommend the use of an electric rear wheel for a bicycle, as when installing a front-wheel drive you have to regularly move to the motion by scrolling the pedals.

bicycle with electric wheel

Bicycle with rear electric drive allowseasily overcome the most difficult sections of the route. With regard to the installation of the electric wheel on the front axle, this solution contributes to the allocation of the vehicle more attractive appearance. In addition, the front electric wheel for bicycles is not so heavily contaminated compared to the rear.

In general, if you need to regularly overcome significant distances off-road, it is better to install two electric wheels at the same time: the front and rear drive.

Electric Wheel Bike

What is required to build a bicycle withelectric drive with your own hands? As a basis for creating a two-wheeled motorized vehicle, almost any bicycle model can be taken. At the same time, the most important element of the future mechanism is, in fact, an electric wheel for a bicycle, which, in fact, is a brushless electric DC motor built into the rim.

As already noted above, the electric motor can be installed either on the rear or the front drive of the bicycle or on both simultaneously, which allows the creation of all-wheel drive.

front electric bicycle

The second most important after the motor elementThe design of a bicycle with an electric drive is a rechargeable battery. This component of the construction is performed by the function of supplying the electric motor with current. The presence of a powerful battery does not mean a gain in speed. Therefore, to assemble the electric bicycle with your own hands, it is recommended to select a battery, based on its conformity to the voltage of the electric motor.

Required part of the design of electric bikethere are also special handles for adjusting the speed of movement of two-wheeled vehicles. Here, too, you can not do without installing the controller in the form of a block with an electronic board, which is responsible for the smooth operation of the entire mechanism. It is most convenient to locate the controller in a well-protected case from the outside, by placing it in the area of ​​the flask holder.

What is more profitable - a factory or self-made electric bike?

This question is rather controversial. However, it is worthwhile to give several arguments in favor of making a bicycle with an electric drive by one's own hands.

If there is a ready-made rear orfront electric wheel for a bicycle, its installation on the frame of a standard two-wheeled vehicle model will take no more than a few hours. At the same time, the cost of this solution will be several times lower in comparison with the purchase of a finished, factory model of an electric bicycle in full assembly and configuration with all sorts of accessories.

electric rear wheel for bicycle

Factory models usually turn out to be essentiallyharder than homemade. When assembling an electric bicycle with your own hands, the weight of a vehicle can be easily reduced by using the simplest, lightest parts and components.

Ready vehicle with electric wheelwill have a standard power, have a limited maximum speed of movement. In the case of self-assembly of a bicycle with an electric drive, the technical parameters of a two-wheeled vehicle will be limited only by the imagination, skills and breadth of the master's budget.


All of the above is only aa few basic arguments in favor of assembling an electric bike with your own hands. Naturally, to implement such an idea in reality requires the purchase of a wide range of components, as well as the availability of basic skills in the design and handling of electronics.