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A short biography of Mikhail Fedorov

Mikhail Fedorov (August 27, 1996 - June 15, 2014). Strongman, powerlifter, world champion among juniors in powerlifting, world record holder in powerlifting.

A short biography of Mikhail Fyodorov

Mikhail was born on August 27, 1996 and lived inSevastopol. The boy grew up in a sports family. Father was a champion in the Soviet Union and was engaged in wrestling. Genetics did not disappoint Misha, and he went to his father with a physique. From an early age, the boy was drawn to sports and a healthy lifestyle. At some point, he even started, like his father, to fight, but soon realized that this was not his sport.

Powerlifting in the life of Mikhail Fyodorov

At the age of 13 Misha was already a real hero andeven before the career of the athlete weighed 130 kg. At the same age, he first came to the gym, where he began to work hard at first "bench", which was his favorite exercise, and then already and powerlifting. Thanks to persistent training and a great desire at the age of 16 Fedorov Michael became the world champion in the classic powerlifting among juniors.

In 2013 the body weight of the young man reached 160 kg. Misha could lift his weight twice as much as his own. But as Mikhail himself admitted, he did not observe the training regime, but was engaged in the well-being. Training on schedule was given to him hard, for his body this was too serious a load. The young man followed the diet and was completely for a healthy lifestyle. He did not use alcohol, tobacco and drugs under any circumstances. Another love of Misha is motobikes. He spent a lot of time doing this.

In 2016, Mikhail was invited to Moscow for the program "We Speak and Show", where almost all the country learned about his success and talent.

Mikhail Fedorov

School and relations with peers and teachers

At school, as Misha himself told me,peers and teachers, he developed friendly relations. Teachers and friends respected and loved the young man. He was a kind, charming and purposeful guy, which attracted people to him. But because of the sport with study there were problems. Misha was hard at giving exact sciences. Mikhail wanted to connect his life with sports and go on to study further in his specialty.

a short biography of Mikhail Fedorov

Tragic trip

On the eve of his death, Misha was about to leaveto ride on your bike to Yalta. But on the night of June 15-16, 2014, Mikhail Fedorov got into an accident on a motorcycle on the Sevastopol-Yalta highway. His bike turned over, and the young man was injured, incompatible with life. His life was bright and full, but unfortunately, it broke off very early. Michael will always remain in the memory of people who loved him. Remains pride, talent and just a wonderful person.