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The best CSKA trainers past and present

CSKA football club is not only one of thethe most famous football clubs of Russian football, but also the post-Soviet space. This is one of the few clubs that could win not only the championships of the USSR and Russia, but also became owners of eurotrophies. Thanks to this club it was possible to win such popularity among football fans and how are things at the modern CSKA football club? What are the hopes of football players and coaches for this season?

The best CSKA trainers of the past

It's no secret that the success of the sportsclub are in many respects connected with the coaching staff, which is leading this team. CSKA coaches usually did not stay long in this position. Therefore, the best can be called specialists who not only managed to spend the most time at the helm of this team, but also to win the most titles with it. If we consider the history of this outstanding club, then the absolute leader in this race is Leonid Slutsky.

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If we consider the history of the club, the CSKA coachesfootball rarely when spent several seasons in succession as a head coach. Unlike them, Leonid Slutsky spent seven years on the main bridge of the team. And in the last three years he led the team to the championship.

Current coaches of CSKA

If we talk about the current mentors of this club,then Leonid Slutsky in this post was replaced by Viktor Goncharenko. This Belarusian specialist has achieved his main successes in the Belarusian championship together with the team of BATE. After the termination of the contract with this command supervised several Russian clubs, and all quite successfully. He even entered the coaching staff of Leonid Slutsky, being the senior coach of the team. Since December 2016, Victor Goncharenko is the head coach of CSKA football.

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Expectations of football fans regarding the club this season

The main question that excites fansthe legendary club, concerns whether CSKA coaches headed by Victor Goncharenko will be able to continue the three-year hegemony of the beloved club in domestic football. In the current championship Victor Goncharenko left a good inheritance. Currently, the team takes the third place in the championship and lags behind the leading "Spartacus" by eight points. But under the leadership of the current head coach, the club did not play a single game. The main intrigue of the season is whether this lag will shrink and whether CSKA will be able to get ahead of Zenit, going second?