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How to repair a Lenovo A319: detailed user guide

Lenovo A319 - inexpensive, but quite impracticalphone. This device often has such a bug: when turned on, it can start to reboot endlessly or not boot further than Lenovo's signature that greets the user. But in fact, these problems are easily solved by changing the firmware of the smartphone. In this article, you will learn how to flash Lenovo A319.

How to flashing lenovo a319

What software is needed?

Before you figure out how to flash Lenovo A319 through a computer, you need to install a special program on your PC, with which you will change the firmware of your smartphone. It's called the Flash Tool.

Another file to download is itselffirmware. Her user can choose independently. On specialized sites or forums a lot of material is for this model of the smartphone Lenovo.

To find out how to flash Lenovo A319, you needinstall in Windows, and the driver is for this model phone. It can be found on the web or trust the Windows Update Center, which will find the file itself and install it.

how to flashing lenovo a319 step-by-step instruction

How to unsure of Lenovo A319: step by step instructions

The first thing to do is pull the battery out of the device and do not install it until the flashing is complete. This is a mandatory condition that must be strictly observed.

The second step is to open the installed Flash Tool.

Third, you need to go to the Scatter File section and find the downloaded firmware file on the system. It is likely that it will be signed as "* a model of the smartphone processor (for example, MT6572) * android_scatter".

The fourth step is to wait for the firmware to load into the program.

The fifth is to find the DA DL block withcheck sum. This is necessary in order to give the command to the program that the firmware will be installed on the phone without a battery. Once again, it is worth paying attention to the very first step of the instruction.

Sixth - go to the "Format", where you need to put points opposite the graph Auto Format Flash and Format whole flash. You need to click "Okay" and connect the smartphone via USB-cable to the computer.

Seventh action the processor will perform itself. It will format the smartphone. After the initialization and partitioning process is completed, you must disconnect the smartphone from the cord and click on the Download button.

Eighth - you must connect the USB cable to thephone and computer. If the Lenovo driver was not installed, the system will either issue an error (and then have to install it in manual mode), or try to find it and install it.

Ninth - the process of downloading a new firmware beganto your smartphone. Once it is installed, the program will show a small window with a green circle - the flashing is complete. Now you have learned how to flash Lenovo A319.

how to flashing lenovo a319 via computer

The result

To learn how to flash Lenovo A319, it turned outnot difficult. Moreover, the process of flashing itself took quite a bit of time (on average - eleven minutes). But that's not all: the same principle is used to reflash and other smartphones. However, do not think that on all devices firmware is installed the same. Each manufacturer has its own programming features of the system, which must be taken into account when reinstalling the firmware on the smartphone. For example, in the case of the Lenovo A319, this is a preliminary battery removal to successfully change the operating system of the device.

This should always be considered so as not to turn a smartphone into a "brick".