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How to find out the owner of the phone by phone number: ways to

Often there is a need for personal purposes oron work to find the person to whom the number is registered. It happens that the number written on a napkin is forgotten, or someone called from an unknown number. How to find out the owner of the phone by phone number?

What are the ways?

how to find out the owner of the phone by phone number

This is not an easy task. But still there are ways to determine the owner of the phone by its number. In short, there are two ways to solve this problem. You can learn by phone number of the owner through private databases or through a database belonging to the mobile operator. The first method entails the payment of a service to determine the owner of the number. At the same time, reliability is not guaranteed. The second case allows to fully determine the owner's name with absolute certainty, but access to databases of companies providing communication services is not always possible.

Official request

learn the owner of the phone number mts

Find out the owner of the phone number (MTS, Beeline,"Megafon") can be, if you officially contact the company's employees, writing an application, which specifies the reasons for the appeal. We need to fully explain all the motives. For example, if there were threats or fears for the health and life of family members, as well as the safety of valuables. Employees of the cellular company can fully provide the necessary data after they have reviewed the application.

How to find out the owner of the phone by phone number? Information about him can be obtained if you turn to law enforcement agencies, which may be the FSB, police, prosecutors. It is also necessary to write a statement detailing all the reasons, demands and claims. After consideration of the appeal, a criminal case can be opened, and then the law enforcement bodies will make a request to the telecommunications operator, who by law must lay out all the information about the owner of the telephone number. Thus, during the investigation all the necessary data will be received.

Informal ways

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At the time of payment for cellular services,who accepts the payment, sees all the information about the owner of the phone number to which the money is credited. To find out the owner of the cell phone number, you can try asking the manager the name of the owner of the account. There is a possibility that the employee will provide the necessary information. If this does not happen, then you can try to contact other lounges.

If this is possible, then you do not need to usebases of telephone numbers, access to which can be either free or paid. These databases may be incorrect, obsolete. And they can contain malicious software. It is worth noting that such methods can entail a criminal case, since working with such programs is not legal.

If the database suggests sending a messageon some number in order for the information access code to be sent, you should not believe this. This is a fraudulent way to withdraw money from a mobile phone account. No code will be received.

How to find out the owner of the phone by phone number,if it is illegal? You can easily find out the region in which the number was registered, as well as the operator. Similar databases are available on the network in free access. You just need to enter the desired phone number in a special form, and the information about the registration city and the operator that serves this number will be displayed.

Alternative method

learn the owner of a cell phone number

It happens that when you type in a search enginephone number is the necessary information. Why? The person, probably, sold on the Internet the house, the car or rented habitation. And bulletin boards require phone numbers. After indexing the page with the announcement, the search engine can give a link to the site by phone number, by clicking on which, you can find the name and the person's name, as well as the email address of the person. The number must be entered in different formats. Can be lucky.


There is no single way to findperson by his number. Of course, there are databases through which you can find the subscriber both by number and by other data. But access to them is available only to employees of telephone companies and government services. It should be borne in mind that the database should be the most relevant at the moment. It is through such bases that we need to act.

How to find the owner of the phone by phone numberanother way? It's almost impossible. Through the Internet, this operation is practically unworkable. Most of the services that offer such services are scammers and distributors of malicious programs. Do not believe their promises, and then the computer will be safe, and the money will remain on the account and not swim into the hands of crooks.