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Overview of the Nokia 106 button phone

Nokia 106 are budget-pricedphones with a fairly simple and affordable functionality. This device will always be in touch, easily fit in your pocket. And most importantly, a simple classic case makes it resistant to abrasions and scratches.

The model was released in 2003. At the moment it has already been discontinued. However, the demand for the phone does not decrease. How can this be explained? First of all, quality. In comparison with modern smartphones Nokia 106 (reviews allow you to draw similar conclusions), of course, inferior in the level of functionality, but has many other advantages. The owners claim that if the phone falls from a sufficiently high altitude, the phone will not crash, but it will work without failures. There were also cases when the device got into the water and after that continued to work normally. Without recharging the phone can work for about a week. And such troubles as overheating or hanging up are completely unfamiliar to Nokia 106.

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Appearance of Nokia 106

According to the type of case, the phone model 106 isone-piece with keypad. The body of the device is made of plastic. Thanks to this "Nokia" 106 is reliable and easy to use. The phone has a small size, which is 112.9x47.5x14.9 mm. Weighs only 74 grams. Such dimensions make it easy to place the device in your hand, it will not be a hindrance in any situation. For example, drivers say that they can talk freely on the phone while driving.

Color diversity

It is worth noting that the Nokia 106 phone is presentedon the market not only in classic white and black, but also in red or orange. And the rainbow variety is characteristic only of the back cover. And as for the front part, it remains black.

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Design Features

What is characteristic of the Nokia models of thisgeneration - in order to open the back cover, you must gently pry her at the top of the phone. The keyboard is solid, rubberized. On the one hand, it is convenient that there is protection from moisture, but on the other, one must get used to the set, since it is possible to press the next digit. In the middle of the keyboard on the button "5" there are two ledges for navigation. In order to facilitate operation in a dark place or in poor light, manufacturers equipped the model with a backlight.

Function buttons on the sides of the phoneare absent. To enable this model, you must hold down the reset button, and the volume control is assigned to the cross to the right or left. On the upper side face of the body is a flashlight.

Nokia 106: the characteristics of the screen

The screen diagonal of the phone is 1.8 inchesat a resolution of 128x560 pixels. For the apparatus of this price segment, this is not bad. But if you compare the picture quality - the resolution is low, you can even consider the pixels on the display.

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Functional capabilities of Nokia 106

Functional "Nokia" 106 is equipped with enoughnot bad. Only one SIM card can be put into the phone. Its memory is enough only for a contact book with a capacity of 500 contacts, built-in games, ringtones and notifications. The ability to put a memory card is missing.

The speaker at the phone is quite loud, and the displayed melody in combination with the "vibro" mode will not let you miss important notices and calls.

Nokia 106 has the ability to listen to the radio with the attached headset, and when the "loudspeaker" function is turned on, the sound is played through the speaker.

The battery capacity is 800 mAh. According to the user manual, in the talk mode the phone will work for 9.9 hours or up to 35 days in standby mode.

What's in the phone menu?

In the phone menu there are such functions:

  • contact list;
  • call log;
  • the message log;
  • the organizer;
  • alarm clock;
  • radio;
  • reminders;
  • games.

Completion of Nokia 106

In the complete set with phone it is deliveredbattery, charger with the marking AC-4E and user's manual. The manual describes easily and easily the basic rules and guidelines for using Nokia 106.