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Huawei Y5C phone: model overview

Huawei Ascend Y5C comes in stores insmall cardboard box. On it, as a rule, it is written only the name of the company and the model itself. In addition to the apparatus, the back cover and the battery, the user is provided with a USB charging device, a cord for connecting to a computer (microUSB). There is a warranty card, instructions for use. Headphones are not included.


The phone supports two SIM cards. When you talk to the interlocutor clearly heard, the speakers work well, the range of sound is adjusted individually. In addition, the smartphone supports a flash card (but not more than 32 GB).

The back cover is matte, pleasant to the touch. The device Huawei Y5C (the review will cover all technical aspects) will not be able to slip, since the panel is very comfortable in the hand. There are practically no fingerprints on it. On the back of the case there is a logo of the company, and also there is a camera (8 megapixels), a double LED flash. The speaker for conversations is located on the bottom of the case, and for the reproduction of sounds - from the rear.

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Smartphone Huawei Y5C Black is no different fromits white counterpart. Their sizes: width - 67 mm, height - 134 mm and thickness - 10 mm. The phone is relatively heavy, its mass is about 147 g. However, this can not be considered a drawback.

On the right side of the smartphone you can see"Rocker" volume, the button unlock and turn on. On top is a charging connector, a USB cable and headphones. The front side of the smartphone has a front camera, as well as touch buttons for easy use of the phone.

The screen is equipped with a protective glass, which allowswear the apparatus without special coating (film). However, the phone is budgetary, so you need to understand that it will protect only against minor scratches. The display is bright, clear, it is possible to change the contrast.

Internal design

The phone Huawei Y5C, whose review will affect,of course, and the internal design, runs on Android 4.4. The shell is installed by Huawei; the "Menu" button is missing, which is already a common thing for most smartphones. Applications are sorted by type; all the shortcuts are displayed on the desktop.

The dialing numbers are very large, and thereforeeasy to read, the keyboard itself is comfortable, the buttons are designed for dimensional fingers, there will be no problems with the introduction of numbers. What can not be said about the virtual keyboard for dialing messages. The letters are somewhat narrow, but you can get used to it in time. The font is too small.

Further. 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and 5 GB of free memory gives the user a smartphone Huawei Y5C. The review of the device makes it clear that such characteristics have a positive effect on the phone. There is support for Wi-Fi, as well as light and proximity sensors.

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View videos and pictures

The sound is clean, when watching videos, unnecessary noiseabsent. There are some basses. It should be borne in mind that even the most high-quality videos should not be watched in the best way, as the color spectrum is meager and primitive. In addition, the picture is pixilated, so the file becomes plain and with unnecessary noise. For fans of watching movies, this phone is clearly not the best option.

On the Internet the system of the device is fast enoughloads both pictures and video. When viewing the first one, you can see that the display shows itself well enough. The image is clear, bright and intense.

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Camera Huawei Y5C (review already affected thistheme) has autofocus. The pictures are really very qualitative. Also in the "Settings" you can find various functions such as highlights, highlights, as well as changes in brightness, contrast, white balance, etc.

We can say that the main advantage of this inexpensive smartphone is the 8-megapixel camera. It is possible to shoot video as a Full HD.

The front camera is 2 Mp, which is not the worst option. It is easily enough for talking on Skype and on normal selfies.