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How to turn on the Internet on iPhone 5S: tips, recommendations, instructions

Today it is difficult to imagine a person who does notuses the Internet. Virtuality has become an integral part of life. Therefore, people are increasingly thinking about how to turn on the Internet on the iPhone 5S or any other mobile device. In fact, nothing is difficult in the process. And even a novice owner of "apple" products will be able to cope with the task. Next, everything will be told about working with the Internet on the iPhone 5S.

Different networks

It is important to understand that modern smartphones work with different networks. Depending on what kind of Internet is implied, the algorithm of actions taken to include it will depend.

How to turn on the Internet on iPhone 5s

To date, iPhone works with the following networks:

  • 2G;
  • 3G;
  • 4G (latest versions of the device);
  • Wi-Fi;
  • LTE.

Also, the algorithm of actions will depend a little oninstalled on the phone of the operating system. But this is not such a big problem. The only difference is that the menu signature in the newer iOS has changed (with the preservation of the general meaning).

Mobile operator

The first step is to deal with the work of the mobile Internet. It allows you to use the SIM card to connect to the network. Convenient, fast and easy. But how to turn on the Internet on the iPhone 5S?

The process does not depend on the selected operator. When working with any cellular connection, the same algorithm of actions is preserved. The difference is only in the settings of the network - they are different for all companies.

How to enable mobile Internet on iPhone 5s

How to turn on the Internet on the iPhone 5S? "Megafon", "Tele2", "MTS" or "Beeline" is not so important. The main thing is that to configure the network will have to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Insert the SIM card into the smartphone and turn it on. Wait for the full readiness for further work of the gadget.
  2. Open the "Settings" - "Cellular" menu.
  3. Go to the "Cellular data network."
  4. Enter the data to configure the device. You need to type APN, user name and password for access. This information is specified in advance by the mobile operator.

Nothing more is needed. Now the device will work with mobile Internet (2G / 3G). The process does not cause any difficulties. Now it is clear how to turn on the Internet on the iPhone 5S ("MTS", "Megaphone" or from any other mobile operator). But this is only one of the options. There are some more tricks, tips and recommendations that allow you to work with the network on an "apple" smartphone.

For iOS8

For example, it is worth learning about how to turn onmobile internet on iOS8. In general, the algorithm of actions differs little from the previously proposed instruction. But there are differences. In order to work on iOS8 without problems, you have to pay attention to some additional settings.

how to turn on the Internet on an iPhone 5s megaphone

Which ones? How to turn on the Internet on the iPhone 5S with the operating system 8 version? You can do this if you follow the directions:

  1. In the smartphone go to the "Settings" menu.
  2. Go to the "Cellular" section. Here, switch the switch to "On" in the "Cellular data" field.
  3. Enable adoption of LTE. To do this, click on the radio button next to the corresponding label.
  4. Click on "Cellular data network".
  5. Enter data from the Internet. They, as in the past case, are specified directly from the mobile operator.
  6. Save changes.

That's all! From now on it is clear how to turn on the mobile Internet on the iPhone 5S on iOS8. And what about Wi-Fi? How can I get started with wireless Internet?


Now a little bit about Wi-Fi. This type of Internet is used by modern users very often. Working with it is easier than it seems.

How to turn on the Internet on the iPhone 5S? To do this you need:

  1. Enable iPhone. Wait until the smartphone is ready for further work.
  2. Go to the gadget settings. Select there a section of Wi-Fi.
  3. Switch the switch to the "Enabled" mode.
  4. Wait for the discovery of available networks. Click on the name of the Internet to which you plan to connect.
  5. If necessary, enter the network access password.

You can close the network settings. A few seconds after entering the password, Wi-Fi will start working. Now the Internet is connected to your mobile device! There are no more options in the gadget.

How to turn on the Internet on an iPhone 5s mts

From now on it is clear how to turn on the Internet on an iPhone5S. We hope that the information provided will be useful to you. The proposed algorithms are relevant for all iPhone. Disables access to the World Wide Web in the same way. Even an aspiring owner will be able to realize the idea. Be always online and in tune with your gadget!