/ / How to check the rest of the traffic on MegaFon? How can I find out the rest of the traffic on the Megafon modem?

How to check the rest of the traffic on MegaFon? How can I find out the rest of the traffic on the Megafon modem?

The article you are about to submit will beexplained how to check the rest of the traffic on Megafon. All methods are absolutely free. Based on the positive and negative sides of each, recommendations will be made regarding their use.

how to check the rest of the traffic on a megaphone

What are the ways?

To date, there are many ways with which you can learn about how to check the rest of the traffic on Megafon. Among them we can distinguish such:

  • with the use of a modem and its software;
  • with the help of a special request;
  • a call to the service center;
  • sending a SMS to a specially reserved number for this purpose;
  • on the official website of the mobile operator.

learn the rest of the traffic on the megaphone modem
Each of them will be considered in detail within the framework of this material.

Using the modem

This method is most often used to,to find out the rest of the traffic. On the modem "Megaphone" it can be done using the software utility that comes with it. In its interface there is a button "Statistics". Clicking on it, you can find the number of remaining megabytes or gigabytes. But at the same time, at the bottom of the screen there will be a message stating that the data is approximate and you need to apply a different method to obtain more accurate information. This method works only on a computer or laptop and gives only an approximate amount of remaining traffic.

Request from phone

You can learn the rest of the traffic on Megafon fromusing your phone or smartphone. To do this, the operator has a special command. The order of its collection is as follows: enter * 105 # and press the call button. In response, we get the rest of the traffic. In principle, this method also works successfully on some models of modems. Another nuance that needs to be considered is that such a request can be sent only from phones that can work in the network of this operator. That is, those mobile devices that are stitched under Beeline, MTS or TELE2 can not only send such a request, but even register in the Megafon network. This should be taken into account when trying to find out in this way the number of remaining gigabytes or megabytes.

megaphone watch the rest of the traffic

Megafon Subscribers Support Center

Subscribers of the Megafon network view the balanceTraffic can not only be on the screen of a mobile phone or a personal computer. You can still hear it on the phone, by calling the support number of the subscribers. In this case, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Install the SIM card in the mobile phone (if it was in the modem). Do not forget that this device should work correctly in this network.
  2. Turn on the device and enter the PIN-code, if necessary.
  3. At the next stage, dial "0500" and press the button with a green telephone tube.
  4. After establishing the connection, following the instructions of the answering machine, connect to the operator.
  5. Then we ask him to specify the number of megabytes or gigabytes remaining.

Not a very convenient method in comparison with others, as it requires a lot of additional actions.


Determine the remaining traffic on the Megafon modemyou can use SMS. To do this, you must type "Balance" or "Ostatok" in the text of the message and send it to the number "000663". In the answer comes information with the remaining amount of gigabytes or megabytes. It should be noted right away that this method does not work on every model of the modem. There are devices that do not support the sending of text messages. In this case, you can extract a SIM card from the modem and install it in a mobile phone, and then perform this operation on it. Again, the firmware of the device should allow full registration and work in the network of the mobile operator "Megafon".

balance of traffic on the modem megaphone

Official site

Another way to check the balancetraffic on Megafon, is based on the use of the official website of this mobile operator. To be more precise, the "Master Guide" system is used. In this case, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  1. We launch any of the installed browsers on the PC.
  2. Using the search engine, we find the official website of this mobile operator.
  3. To begin, we go through the registration procedure inthis system. We fill in the questionnaire with personal data. In it we specify the password for accessing the "Master Guide" service. Then we receive a text message with the code for registration. This procedure allows the operator to uniquely identify you as the owner of this mobile number.
  4. Using the password (it was set in the previous step) and the phone number, we go to this system.
  5. In the section "Data transmission" we find the information that interests us.

The main disadvantage of this method is,that the remaining amount of traffic is determined by the available megabytes. And this is the most accurate method, which allows you to track the necessary information in real time. To do this, it is sufficient to press the function key F5 as necessary. After updating the information in the browser window, the exact balance of gigabytes or megabytes will be received.

learn the rest of the traffic on a megaphone


Now let's compare the pros and cons of the previously mentionedways of how to check the rest of the traffic on the "Megaphone", and determine which one is the most optimal. The first is based on the use of modems and a software utility, quite simple and affordable. But his accuracy is not the best. If you have more than 10 megabytes left, then you can use it. But with less traffic, it's better to use some other method. The most difficult from the standpoint of practical implementation is the call to the customer support center. In addition, that you need to perform many actions, yet not always there is a free operator. That is, you have to wait for some time to connect. Sending SMS is also not the best choice. Not always in the answer from the first time comes the right information. The method based on the "Master Guide" system is also not optimal. In the process of determining traffic, you lose the amount of remaining megabytes or gigabytes. Therefore, it is most rational to use the query. And the answer is quick, and the traffic remains intact.