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TTY on iPhone - what is it and how to use it?

In mobile phones there are many different functions that owners can not guess about. One of them is TTY on an iPhone. What is it and how to use it? More on this below.

tty on iphone what is it

What does TTY mean in an iPhone?

TTY is a function of a teletype that originallyis designed to simplify communication for people with limited hearing and speech capabilities. For them it was created, but practice shows that very few people use it. The reason is not only the lack of practical benefit, just a few people know that this is a TTY on an iPhone.

Originally, when a teletype was developed(since the 1870s), it was a huge device that transformed the electronic signal into text. Its modern and close analogue is a fax machine. However, in telephones, the teletype provides a completely different functionality.

How it works?

tty function in iPhone

It is worth noting immediately. To TTY function in the iPhone, you need to buy a special adapter. In other phones it works without an adapter, but for an iPhone it is needed.

The principle of operation is simple: one person types the text on the phone, and the other (at that end) hears it. That is, the text will be read by the program, and then the voice will be dictated to the interlocutor. In the opposite direction, this also works: one person speaks something into the microphone, his speech is recognized by the system, translated into text symbols and sent to another person. He gets the text that he can read.

In principle, the idea is not bad, because. actually in some cases helps in communicating to people with weak speech or auditory capabilities. Perhaps the teletype was once popular, but today it is difficult to meet a person who has heard anything about him at all. And it is impossible to find users who use this system. Moreover, some carriers do not even support it.

By the way, by default, this feature is better to disable. In the activated state, it consumes battery power. To do this, you need to go to the smartphone settings - the basic - TTY. Click on this option and turn it off. Although by default this function is disabled, users can unintentionally unintentionally enable it.

tty function in iPhone

Why is the TTY function irrelevant?

First, this technology has outlived itself, and manymodern new smartphones do not have such functionality. They simply do not have much sense, since few people use this function. Secondly, as already mentioned above, many users, including deaf and dumb ones, do not know that this is a TTY on an iPhone, so they do not use it. Such functionality is not advertised on TV, unlike, for example, smartphone cameras, memory or processors.

Third, the development of high-speed 3g / 4g networksreduced the use of this technology to naught. Most users prefer to communicate in social networks, rather than simple communication over the phone. Also there is Skype, which generally allows you to establish a video connection, so similar functions, like TTY, are gradually disappearing from smartphones. This is logical, the teletype is already irrelevant, so it is unlikely that you will ever need it.

Now you know that it's a TTY on an iPhone, andalso that the benefits of it are few. However, for the sake of interest, we recommend trying to communicate this way. You can buy a special adapter for iPhone in the AppStore store.