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Details on how to find out the version of "Android" on the phone

In this material, we'll tell you how to find outversion of "Android" on the phone. This information can be useful to any user in order to avoid difficulties during the selection of the optimal version of games and applications that are designed for this device. Also the question of how to check which version of "Android" on the phone arises during the receipt of Root-rights. We will discuss it in more detail.


We turn to the practical solution of the problem,how to find out the version of "Android" on the phone. First of all, we enter the "Settings" of our device. Now we need to use the "About the device" item. Also it can be called "About phone". Now we are looking for the "Android Version" item. We use it. As a result, we get a numeric record that tells the version of this Android device. It should also be noted that it is in this section that the description of the firmware of the device is often indicated.

how to find out the version of android on your phone


In some cases, the question of how tofind the version of "Android" on the phone, may require additional action. In particular, this applies to the device LG G Pro Lite dual. In this case, first open the "About phone" item. Then select the "General" box. And after that it is necessary to use the line "Information about the software". Here you can get the information you need.

additional information

Now you know how to find out the version of "Android" onphone. If the software received as a result of the update does not suit you for some reason, you can always go back to the previous edition. In the Android operating system, there is one feature that is directly related to the platform version. You can try several times to click on the corresponding numerical value. This should be an exceptional picture. It is created specifically for each version of the operating system. This rule applies exclusively to official Android editions without third-party add-ons.

how to check which version of android on your phone

Separately, we should mention how to find outversion of the operating system on devices Sony and Samsung. For smartphones developed by these companies, the standard algorithm of actions often turns out to be ineffective. In this case, you need to dial a special combination "* # 1234 #". As a result, information about the version of the operating system used on this device should appear on the screen. As a curious fact, it should be noted that Android manages not only telephones, but also many other "smart" devices. In the future, it is planned to install this operating system even for cars.