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Smartphone Huawei G6: a review, specs, firmware, price and reviews

Huawei G6 is an excellent mid-sized smartphoneprice range. It distinguishes against a background of similar devices an excellent combination of low cost and a good level of performance. It is these opportunities that will be considered in the framework of this material.

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Completion, appearance and convenience of work

Overview Huawei G6 start with the bundling and conveniencework on this smart phone. Something unusual in terms of equipment this unit can not boast. Its boxed version includes the following accessories:

  • A modest entry level acoustic system.
  • Charger.
  • Cord-adapter YUSB / microUSB.
  • Smartphone with built-in battery.

Among the list of documents are presenta multilingual user guide and, of course, a warranty card. But the external flash drive will have to be purchased separately, since it is not in the basic configuration. The case of the device is made of ordinary plastic with a matte finish. Its dimensions are 131.2 x 65.3 mm. The lock button and the volume rocker are located on the right edge of the smart phone. From the bottom there is a port of the microUSB standard. In the lower corner on the left is a classic audio connector. At the bottom of the front panel are three standard touch buttons, and the top edge of the smartphone is not occupied.

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Hardware filling

Sufficiently powerful hardware stuffing from Huawei G6. First of all, it is necessary to allocate the central processor. In this case, we are talking about a chip MSM8226 from the company "Kualcom". He refers to the family Snapdragon 400. It is based on 4 cores on the architecture, code-named Cortex A7. The maximum possible clock frequency at which they can work is 1.2 GHz. The second important component in this device is the video card Adreno 305. The amount of installed RAM is 1 GB, and the capacity of the built-in drive is 4 GB, of which the user can only use 1 GB, which is not enough for today. As a result, without a flash card, the normal operation of this gadget is impossible. As noted earlier, it will have to be bought separately. Maximum this smartphone can address 32 GB. All this in total allows us to say that with any task at the moment, this gadget can easily cope.


There is an incomplete review of the Huawei G6, if you do not touch the camera. They are in this device, as expected, two. The matrix of the main camera is based on a sensor at 8 Mp. There is also a system of autofocus and image stabilization. Do not forget the developers and the LED backlight. The number of software settings is not so great, but still, the quality of the photos it receives is not good, although it can not boast of a special quality. There is also a front camera for making video calls. She has a 5 Mp matrix, and she does an excellent job of this task.

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Battery and its features

Very modest, as for such a device,the battery capacity in 2000 mA / h from Huawei G6. Responses of owners such decision of engineers are fairly criticized. With mediocre load, this value is enough for 2 days of battery life, provided that some parameters (for example, the brightness of the screen) are brought to a minimum. In reality, this indicator is even worse and is only 8-12 hours, which is very small. In general, the autonomy of this model of the smartphone leaves much to be desired. Another problem is that the battery is soldered into the device. As a result, the only reasonable solution to this problem is the external battery that connects to the microUSB port.


To date, this device works undermanagement "Android" with version 4.3. On sale this phone appeared in May 2014, it is not necessary to expect an update for it. Therefore, you need to be satisfied with what is already available. There is also a special software add-in built on its own in the Huawei G6. The firmware is complemented by Emotion UI. It has many useful widgets. First of all, this is the weather forecast. In the second - accelerated access to the photo gallery. In addition, there is quick access to contacts and audio records. The rest of the set of applications and utilities is standard: regular OS applications and programs from Google. And, of course, international social services.

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Data exchange

Support for multiple interfaces is implemented in Huawei G6. There is everything for comfortable work on this gadget. In the smartphone the following methods of information transfer are supported:

  • There is only one SIM card slot. At the same time, all data transmission standards are supported. That is, the smartphone can work in all types of mobile networks: GSM, WCDMA and LTE. In the latter case, the data transfer rate can reach 150 Mbit / s, which allows you to download any amount of information on this device.
  • The most used technology is used to transmit impressive amounts of data - Wi-Fi. The data transfer speed in this case is similar to LTE.
  • Also there is bluetooth - the ideal solution for those cases when you need to quickly transfer a small file to a similar device.
  • Navigation can either be done using GPS(the corresponding transmitter is installed in the gadget) or using the a-GPS system (in this case, mobile networks are used to determine the location).
  • There is also a standard connector for connecting an externalsound system. It is located in the lower right corner of the gadget. Very controversial decision: under certain circumstances, you can break off the speaker pin.
  • The last wire interface is a microSUB. It allows you to charge the battery. And when connected to a personal computer, it also allows you to exchange data.

Price and reviews

All the previously described are just technicalspecifications Huawei G6. Reviews of real owners are sometimes much more useful. Now it is not difficult to find them. Most of them point to its advantages:

  • Very productive hardware platform.
  • The software runs smoothly and there are no glitches.
  • Flexible configuration of the interface, which is provided by the firmware "Emotion UI".

But his disadvantages are:

  • Autonomy (on one charge with minimal load, the smartphone stretches the day).
  • Ports 3,5 mm and microUSB are inconvenient.

In principle, it turned out to be the Huawei G6. The price for it is currently $ 200. In general, the ideal ratio of cost and performance.

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If you need a smartphone with a goodfunctionality and democratic value, then you can safely turn your eyes towards Huawei G6. Although this device appeared on sale for a long time, but its characteristics are still relevant, and it can solve almost all tasks for today.