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The "trust payment" service

The "trust payment" service is providedalmost all mobile operators. Its essence is quite simple: if you do not have enough funds on the balance to make an important call, then you can take the mobile operator "on loan", that is, use this service. Of course, later this amount will have to be returned.

trust payment
It is clear that this service is unusually convenient. Think, not always there is an opportunity to replenish the account, and to call any person is sometimes necessary. Thus, you will always be in touch with relatives, friends and colleagues. Any circumstances can not knock you out of the rut and leave without a mobile connection.

The trust payment on the Beeline is notto subscribers whose numbers are blocked. Other subscribers who use this number from three months and spend each month on communication from fifty rubles can easily use this service without first connecting it.

The trust payment is valid only for three days,the expiration of which the amount will be debited from your account. And the amount of the operator is different. They depend on the average monthly expenses. If you are in roaming, the service expires up to a week. By the way, this service is not free. For its use, you will be charged 7 rubles.

trust payment on a biline
The trust payment in Megaphone can beeither 100 or 300 rubles. The fee for the service is 10 rubles. It can only be used by the subscriber who is at least two months old. It is necessary to return the "debt" within three days.

To the question "How to take a trust payment on MTS?"You will not find an answer. And all because this service is called by this operator in another way - the promised payment. If the tariff provides a subscription fee, then you can activate the service with any balance, and if not - then only with a positive.

As already mentioned, the service will need to be connected. You can do it using an online assistant, or by calling on a four-digit number. After connection, you can "take out a loan." An amount of fifty rubles will be available to any subscriber. Large amounts are available or unavailable, depending on how much you spend on cellular communication per month. Pay off the debt in a week.

how to take a trust payment for mts
Is a trust payment acceptable? Of course. Although it may seem that the fee for it is slightly overstated. But in the absence of cellular communication it sometimes becomes not up to reasoning about the unreasonableness of prices. Of course, to use this service every time the balance of your account approaches zero, at least it is unreasonable. Justification of such behavior can only be laziness. Indeed, in some situations it is much more rational to reach the payment terminal or transfer money from the card to a mobile phone account.

Activate a trust payment is necessary only when you really do not have the opportunity to recharge the balance. And, of course, urgently need to call.

I would like to wish that such situations arise with you as rarely as possible. It's not for nothing that operators warn that the balance is approaching zero. Stay always connected!