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As on "Megaphone" check your number: we will consider all available methods

Sadly, sometimes the human brainis able to forget the most necessary information for us, especially if it is connected with figures, for example, bank card numbers, the index of residence or even the number of your own phone. Fortunately, all telecom operators try to make their clients access to their personal cabinet as much as possible and provide various ways to determine their number.

how to check your phone number on a megaphone

How to check the phone number on "Megaphone"

It is important to understand what exactly people are interested in. If his goal is just to remember his phone number, let's say in order to replenish the account, it is enough:

  1. From your phone dial any other number that is nearby. The interlocutor's display will show your number. Perhaps this is the easiest way.

  2. You can call the help desk of the company"Megafon" on the number 0500, wait for the operator and ask him for their number or, clicking on the appropriate keys, listen to information about the cherished numbers in automatic mode. However, it should be noted that this method takes a very long time, sometimes the operator's response can drag on for 15-20 minutes.

  3. The service "My number by SMS" - in our opinion,somewhat convoluted way. The fact is that if you asked yourself how to check your number on a megaphone, you have to send it first to a friend. In order to use the service, it is enough to dial * 143 * and then dial the number of a friend who will automatically receive a text message with your phone number.

  4. Fortunately, some prudent managersrecord your phone number on the card with a SIM card during the conclusion of the contract. Probably, before calling operators and distract them with questions, as on "Megaphone" check your number, it is enough to find your contract about rendering services and check necessary information.

how on a megaphone to check your number

USSD request as an alternative method

Virtually all operators provide theircustomers sets of ussd-commands, through which you can quickly and without payment get the information you need. This is a special kind of query, which always starts with an asterisk and ends with a grid, followed by a call sending button. After a few seconds, a message is displayed on the phone screen from the operator with the necessary information. So, if you think how to check your number on "Megaphone" for free and quickly, try typing the following commands:

  • For Moscow, the Volga region, the Far East and the Urals - the command * 205 # and press the send button of the call.

  • If your SIM card is registered in the Northwest, the command * 127 # will act for you.

  • To residents of the Caucasus, "Megafon" provides the USSD team - *105 *1 * 2 a grille and a call sending button.

  • If you are a subscriber from Central Russia and want to know how to check your number on "Megaphone", just dial * 105 * 2 * 0 # on your phone.

  • And finally. Residents of Siberia to get information about their number will have to use the command: * 105 * 1 * 6 and the grille.

how to check phone number for free

"Service Guide": how to download and use?

Megafon provides its customersa special service - "Service Guide", through which the subscriber can independently manage his number, service packages, connect and disconnect options, switch to other tariff plans and much more.

On phones from "Megafon" (MegaFon Login,Megafon Login +) this application is built-in automatically, and the user can only register and enjoy for fun. All other owners of smartphones and tablets are recommended to download the application "Service Guide" from the "Play Store" or "App Store."

It should be noted that this service can beUse even without installing anything on your phone, with the help of USSD-requests, which were discussed above. If you are not embarrassed by some duration of the process itself, or, say, your account does not have enough money to use the application (Internet access is required), you can easily dial * 105 * # and press the send button. Then just follow the step-by-step instructions.

As on the "Megaphone" check your number, if you use a modem

In order to find out information about your numberon the modem, some desperate users take the SIM card out of the device and move it to the phone to obtain information using the methods described above. Of course, this is also an option, but agree, very uncomfortable. There are simpler ways.

Once the modem is connected to the computer orlaptop, the system offers to install a special program, without it your modem will not work. After installation, a shortcut with the logo "Megaphone" will appear on the desktop, clicking on which you can get information about the status of balance, number, balance of traffic, data transfer speed.

how to check the number on a megaphone

All the necessary information in my account

So, like most carriers,"Megafon" provides its subscribers a lot of opportunities to obtain the necessary information. But the most transparent information about all services, connected options and other things is easy to get in your personal office, which you can go through the official website. Here you will learn not only how to check your phone number on Megafon, but also independently connect the necessary options or, on the contrary, turn them off, look at the details of calls and SMS and much more.