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The smoke generator for a disco

Most modern shows and discos usefor their events various special effects. The more such effects, the better and more spectacular the event takes, and while it collects a lot of people. In modern show business stroboscopes, light-music, lasers, pyrotechnic effects and smoke are used. One of the most spectacular and yet inexpensive effects is heavy smoke, which requires a special smoke generator.

Smoke generator

Such a device uses a special liquid,which, when heated, releases a large amount of smoke that is harmless to health, spreading throughout the area of ​​the disco or stage. Usually such a liquid is sold in specialized stores, but many special effects creators prefer not to spend money on expensive consumables and produce it themselves. A mixture of glycerol and distilled water is poured into the usual smoke generator, with glycerine being the main component, and water serves only as a diluent.

Most discotheque owners prefermake smoke generators yourself. To do this, use a conventional iron, in the thermal plate of which the fluid chute is milled and hermetically sealed with a plate, and a small pump is used to supply liquid under pressure. Yes, the smoke generator can be made by hand, but, given the cost of all the necessary elements and the difficulties of the technological process, it will be quite expensive. It should be noted that it is rather difficult to organize the safety of such a device and to perform precise control of heating.

Smoke generator with own hands

Currently, you canpurchase a generator of heavy smoke at a reasonable price. At the same time, if you compare its price with those details and work that are necessary for independent production, it will be even cheaper. Also it is worth considering that the store device is very reliable and it controls the heating level well. It can be used for professional purposes, and use such a smoke generator can several types of consumables.

In addition to conventional devices working onglycerine, you can often find smoke machines that use "dry" ice and ordinary water. In this case, rather dense and heavy smoke is obtained, and such devices are cheaper than those that use glycerin.

Heavy Smoke Generator

When a smoke generator is selected,pay attention to the volume consumed. It depends on the duration of the installation without refueling. It is also worthwhile to clarify the area covered by the device with smoke and the power of the heating element. Some smoke generators are equipped with additional accessories or special devices. They allow you to produce additional effects with smoke in the form of circular swirls, jets and even can give it a certain color, using your own stroboscope or light filter. A quality and professional generator of heavy smoke will create a suitable atmosphere in a disco or show. It will attract additional visitors and become an indispensable device for creating an image of the institution.