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How to disable voicemail on Megaphone? Step-by-step instruction

When the caller can not receive the call,Voicemail starts working. The mobile communication company "MegaFon" with the "Voice Mail" service will allow customers to stay informed about missed calls, and it will be possible to listen to messages from other subscribers who could not get through. The service operates independently and is activated when the number falls outside the coverage area, or if the phone is simply turned off. Not all customers need this kind of service, so you need to know how to turn off voicemail on MegaFon.

Description of the option

Before you turn off voice mail on MegaFon, you need to understand its features and capabilities. The service starts to work if one of three situations occurs:

  • Mobile device is disabled.
  • The subscriber's number is in a place where there is no network coverage.
  • The user number is busy.

How to disable voicemail on a megaphone

If there is at least one of the above situations, thenThe voice mail ("MegaFon") will be included. Under standard redirection conditions, it has code 62. This is when the client is out of coverage, or the device is turned off. If necessary, users can independently change parameters and conditions for activation of the service:

  • Set unconditional forwarding by code 21. In this case, the option will forward all calls to the incoming direction, in addition, the client number can work.
  • Set the diversion if there is no answer to the call (setup code 61). In this case, if the subscriber does not answer the call for 30 seconds, the call will be sent to the voicemail.
  • To set the busy parameter by code 67. In this case, the calls will be sent to the voicemail when the subscriber number is occupied.

Setting up and listening to mail

Set the necessary voice mail settingssubscribers can via the menu of their mobile phone or with the help of a service request. If a query is used, then you need to dial ** code * + 79262000224 #. The principle of the service will be as follows:

  • When the mobile phone receives a call for the selected settings, the call will be sent to the mail number.
  • Further the company will welcome the subscriber who called, and will give the chance to leave the message - a voice message.
  • After that, the mobile number of the client comesA text message indicating that there are unheard messages. If necessary, clients can set the settings, after which messages will be sent to another phone.

service voicemail megaphone

Every user needs to know how to checkvoice mail on MegaFon. For this, the Internet is used, namely the personal cabinet on the operator's website. By the way, it is very convenient to configure the service through the office. There are other ways of how to listen to voicemail on MegaFon:

  • You can use the special option number 222. After that, the voice menu of the service will be available. After selecting the desired items, a message will be announced.
  • The voice mail on MegaFon, the number of which is presented above, can not be used in roaming, so the subscriber will need to call +79262000222.
  • If the audition is conducted through a city telephone, then the set 84955025222 is applied.

Using the described recommendations for numbers,subscribers will not only hear the messages left for them, but also be able to manage the mail. You can delete unwanted messages or send some to the archive, and also record your greeting. In addition, the setting is done through the service combination * 105 * 602 #.

Service cost

If the customer wants to include an option, then the money for this will not be written off. There is no fee for using the box. But for the service itself, there is a daily subscription fee of 1.7 rubles.

how to check voicemail on a megaphone

Calls to the specified service numbers are free, except for roaming. In roaming, all calls will be charged at the standard rates that are included in the tariff.

Disconnection via mobile phone

If there is no need to use the service, then you need to know how to turn off voice mail on your MegaFon via a mobile device:

  • Customers can dial from the mobile command * 845 * 0 # and press the call button to send it to the network. After shutdown, the user receives a confirmation message.
  • The second method is to usespecial interactive menu "Megaphone". To call it, you need to enter * 105 # in the gadget and make a call. After that, the menu opens, where after selecting the desired item, the service is disabled. After the voicemail is deactivated, a confirmation message is sent to the mobile phone.

voicemail on a megaphone number

Disconnection via the Internet

How to remove voicemail from MegaFon via the Internet? For this, a computer or mobile phone can be used:

  • Using a computer, the client will need to go throughThe personal cabinet, which is located on the operator's website. It looks like the key at the top of the site on the right. By clicking on it, you will need to enter your login (mobile number) and password into the lines, this will allow you to log in to the system. At the initial entrance, you can order a password by entering a request on the phone * 105 * 00 #. After sending a request to the mobile, a message with a password is received. Having been authorized in the personal account, you need to find the option "Voice menu", and then go into it and click on the shutdown button. In case of successful deactivation, the client receives a confirmation notice.

how to listen to voicemail on a megaphone

  • Using the phone, the customer must writea mobile application that is available for downloading on the MegaFon website or in the Play Market and other similar resources. After installing the application, authorization is automatically performed, and similar functionality is opened before the user, the same as in the personal account. Switch off by pressing a pair of buttons. To use this method, you need access to the Internet.

Disabling with the help of employees

For customers who do not understand how to disable voicemail on MegaFon, there are two proven methods:

  • It is necessary to take a passport and come to anythe operator's salon in his city, and then ask the employee to turn off the service. Workers will do everything quite quickly, but to identify the identity you need a passport of the owner of the room and his presence.

how to remove voicemail on a megaphone

  • More subscribers can call the service operatorsupport. After connection, you need to ask the operator to deactivate the service. The consultant will ask for the passport data. Further, the operator can suggest options for how to deactivate the option on its own, or do it remotely. In any case, after disconnecting to the number, an SMS with confirmation will arrive.


As can be seen from the material, the service can be veryuseful, if the mobile number receives many calls, which are not always possible to receive, but you need to be aware of important events. The service was created for the preservation of important information and the possibility not to lose it. Of course, this service is not necessary for all customers, in addition, not everyone is ready to pay a subscription fee for it. Therefore, using the described disconnection methods, users can easily refuse the service.