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Help yourself: how to unlock the phone "Nokia"

Locking phones is a problem enoughcommon. Often this trouble happens with one of the favorite brands in the people - "Nokia." You can successfully cope with it in several ways. But first you need to stock up the card reader. you need to connect the phone to a computer and the Internet, a USB cable, download special applications Nokia Unlocker and Phoenix.

how to unlock nokia phone

  • Your attempt at how to unlock the phone"Nokia", it's worth starting with the generation of the master code. It consists of ten digits arranged in a special sequence. Generation takes place via the international identification number of this phone - IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). To do this, the phone enters the following values: "asterisk-grate-06-grate". A free service will generate the necessary code for you, after which you can easily use the device.
  • Another way to unlock the phonephone "Nokia" - use the application to the mobile phone Nokia Unlocker. To do this, daddy thc / nokia / unlock.mdl should be transferred to the sim card, there save in the folder "E: systemrecogs". To do this, the SIM card needs to be connected to the computer via a card reader. When everything is transferred, it is inserted into the mobile phone, and the phone turns on. At the next stage, how to unlock the phone "Nokia", it is important not to make a mistake and enter successively the numbers from 1 to 5. Further the system should request a password. Here in the phone settings, the lock function is disabled. Then the file thc / nokia / unlock.mdl from the SIM card is deleted, and the phone needs to be formatted.
    how to unlock nokia n8
  • The proposed options may not be suitable for everyonemodels. Therefore, you should also have the opportunity: for example, to know how to unlock the Nokia N8 phone through Phoenix and NSS applications (Phoenix and NSS). True, it is not easy, it requires certain knowledge of the PC and work with software for mobile phones. In particular, the ability to reflash the device, update the OS on it, put the necessary software. So, before unlocking the phone "Nokia", the device is stitched in Dead Mode. It is necessary to closely monitor the process, so as not to miss the stages when the "programming" option will reach 100%. The phone will be in the "Local Mode" mode. At this point, the firmware is interrupted to start NSS. In it, you specify the search parameters of device B (Scan for new devices B). The Phone Info application tab opens. There you select the "Permanent Memory" field and enter the following parameters: 35 in the "Start" field, 308 in the "Finish" field. In the "To File" box, tick the box and click on Read.
    how to unlock nokia security code
  • And now we come to the final stage of howunlock the "Nokia" security code. Specify the path to the file "Password Manager" and run the already familiar Nokia Unlocker utility. Specify a certain path before that, click on "Define". Through the security code line, we restore the password. Then you should return to the NSS utility. There, open the Fbus Info tab and set the Normal parameter. The process ends by clicking the "Change" button. The phone reboots automatically. When you turn on again, the generated code is entered.
  • Finally, unlock "Nokia", if the phone turns on, there is an opportunity through a special program Nokia PC Suite and a computer.

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