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How to extend the traffic on the "Beeline": 3 ways. How to know the balance of traffic

More and more smartphone ownersconnect options from their telecom operators offering unlimited mobile Internet. Known in Russia, "Beeline" is no exception. However, when you carefully study the conditions, it is often found that unlimited traffic at good speed is available within certain limits - 1, 5, 10 GB (depending on the type of option chosen). After exceeding this threshold, the speed becomes quite "tortoise". In this article, we will discuss how to find out the remainder of high-speed traffic and how to return the former speed when using its acceptable volume.

Checking traffic with a prepaid system

So, how to find the traffic on the "Beeline", if you chose a prepaid system of payments:

  • Option "Balance Control" - the gadget will receive an SMS message with information on traffic costs for the current month. To do this, type the following command: *110 * 45 #.
  • Option "Finotchet" - providing information aboutcredit limit, the advance payment you made and the balance of high-speed Internet traffic in the form of an SMS message. You can get this message by typing: * 110 * 321 #.
  • Information in the mobile application "My Beeline",available for download for all known OS. On the main screen you will see the balance of funds on the balance sheet, the amount of used and remaining Internet traffic and other useful information.
  • Information in the personal account "My Beeline" on the official website of the operator.

how to find the traffic on the biline

Traffic checking with postpaid system

How on the "Beeline" to look at the traffic, if you chose a postpaid system of settlements with the operator:

  • The simplest way is a one-time request. To do this, type the following command: *102 #.
  • The service "Balance on the screen" (to find out whether it is available for the model of your smartphone, you can by typing the command *110 * 902 #) is an option that allows you to always be aware of the balance of traffic and money balance. Connection - *110 * 901 #.
  • With the help of mobile application, personal cabinet on the official website.

how to view the traffic on the Internet

Now let's move on to more universal methods.

Other ways to find Internet traffic on the "Beeline"

You can also learn the rest of the traffic on your smartphone by the following way:

  • Combination set * 107 # - SMS will come to your phone with information about the remaining traffic at high speed.
  • Make a call to the service number 0611. To get the information you need, you need to wait for the answer of a specialist.

Remaining traffic on the modem and tablet

How to know the traffic on the "Beeline", if you chose a USB-modem:

  • Run the modem program, select the section "Account management", then "My data" and "My balance" - there will be all the interesting information about the traffic.
  • Call from the modem to service number 0611.
  • Personal account on the operator's website.

to learn the Internet traffic on the biline

If you have a tablet (incl. and iPad), then go to "Settings", "Cellular data", "SIM-program." In the last paragraph, select "My Beeline". In this tab you will need the section "My balance", where, among other things, you will find information about the remaining traffic.

Option "Prolong speed"

The operator provides the maximum speeddata transmission in LTE networks is 73 Mbps, in 3G - 14.4 Mbps, in EDGE - 236 Kbps. After you spend the traffic provided by your option, the data transfer speed for your smartphone will drop to 64 Kbps. Now let's move on to the information that suggests how to increase traffic on the Beeline.

how to extend traffic on the biline

  • The most popular option for the operator is "Prodleyspeed on 1 Gb. "It allows you to return high-speed traffic to the specified volume for 30 calendar days.The average cost is 100 rubles (you can find out the specific price for your region directly from your operator)." Beeline "warns that this saving function is effective only in the home region - when entering the roaming zone you will not be able to use this additional high-speed traffic.How to extend the traffic on the "Beeline" here? For connection you can use the command *115 * 21 # or service number 06747177.
  • The second is a more voluminous variant - "Prolong speedon 3 GB. "This add-on will cost about 200 rubles (you can find out the price for your region on the official website of Beeline or in the communication salon.) The previous maximum speed will return to you also for 30 days. option is valid only in the home region .How to prolong the traffic on the "Beeline" with her help? *115 * 22 # or call on the number 06747178.

Auto-retry traffic

Many subscribers consider the most convenient for themselves service "Auto-prolongation of speed". How to extend the traffic on the "Beeline" in this way, you will learn further.

The service operates as follows: when the specified traffic is used for your option, an additional package of 200 MB is automatically connected, and 20 rubles are charged off your account for this. After you use this volume, a new package of additional high-speed traffic of the same size will be connected - 200 MB, and your balance will again decrease by 20 rubles, and so on until the new settlement month.

The terms of this additional function are different- If your main option (for example, "Highway") is valid throughout Russia, then "Auto-speeding" will be available throughout the country, and if it is available only in the home region, additional high-speed traffic will be available only in it. In international roaming, "Auto-speeding" is not available.

how to increase traffic on the biline

So, how to extend the traffic on the "Beeline" with the help of this service:

  • Connection: short command *115 * 23 # or call to the operator number 067471778.
  • Trip: set *115 * 230 # or call to the service number 0674717780.

That's all we wanted to tell you aboutthe extension of high-speed traffic when using "Beeline." More detailed information, as well as prices specifically for your region of residence, you can always find out in the communication salons or on the official website of this Russian operator.