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Nokia C2: specifications, reviews

Nokia C2 - the phone of the year 2010. This is another representative of the C family from the Finnish manufacturer, which includes inexpensive but very functional models. What can boast a mobile phone Nokia C2 and what do customers say about it? Read on and we will talk about all its pros and cons.


The Nokia C2 phone is presented in three colorsolutions: black, white and golden. The case is rounded, made of plastic, but does not look cheap. Its dimensions are 11 x 4.7 x 1.5 cm, and its weight is 89 g - that is, it is a compact, "plump", but rather light model. Therefore it comfortably lies in any palm and fits even in small pockets.

The Nokia C2 has a 2-inch TFT display with a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels and a pixel density per inch of 220. It supports 262 thousand colors and has good viewing angles.

On the right side there is a miniUSB connector, on the left there is a microSD card slot, on the top there is a headphone jack, and on the bottom there is a microphone.

nokia c2

"Filling" Nokia C2

The characteristics of the model are fairly standard for 2010-2011.

The phone book can contain up to 2000 contacts. The model has 43 MB of non-volatile memory and 64 MB of RAM.

A media player that plays audio andvideo files of the most common formats, radio (headphones are required, which serve as an antenna), which remembers the selected stations, will help not to miss travel or during work. To better enjoy the sound, you can connect an external speaker with a 3.5 mm jack.

And that you have enough interesting files to play, the phone works with memory cards up to 16 GB.

With microUSB or Bluetooth, you can connect to a computer for data transfer, and with the Internet and other services you can work with GPRS, EDGE or 3G.

3.2 megapixel camera makes photos with resolution up to2048 by 1536 pixels, and shoots the video as 320 by 240 pixels (15 frames per second). But since it does not have a flash and autofocus, a satisfactory result can only be expected with good lighting.

nokia c2 phone


Nokia C2 - representative phones on the platformSeries 40, namely the 6th edition. To this OS, many games, applications and themes have been released. The pre-installed OperaMini browser, e-mail client, Facebook application, Windows Live and Nokia Messaging, support for Java and Flash Lite 3.0 only extend the user's capabilities.

Alarm clock, calendar, converter, world clock, timer, and Ovi maps from the Finnish brand - this phone has all the necessary tools.

And thanks to the support of Nokia PC Suite usercan easily transfer and edit contacts, download new maps, manage the contents of the memory card, export SMS and calendar notes and perform many other useful and necessary operations.

nokia c2 specs


The Nokia C2 battery has a capacity of 1020mA. It should provide up to:

  • 396 hours (16.5 days) in standby mode when working with 3G or 456 hours (19 days) when working with 2G;
  • 8.8 hours of talk time when using 2G or 4.5 hours when using 3G;
  • 34 hours of music playback.

Charging occurs using a charger with a 2 mm connector or when connected via microUSB (both cables are included in the package).

nokia c2 mobile phone

Customer Reviews

Users note such advantages of the model:

  • Nokia C2 is qualitatively assembled, does not leave a feeling of fragility and unreliability, at the same time is affordable;
  • the numeric keys are noticeably separated and have a convex shape, so they are easily and accurately pressed;
  • the phone gives a clear, sufficiently loud and pleasant sound when listening to music and making calls;
  • you can quickly change the memory card;
  • the battery lasts a long time.

But what disappointed the buyers:

  • the sound during a conversation is greatly distorted by sudden jumps of loudness - laughter or coughing, for example;
  • there is no button "rocker" to adjust the volume and the shutter button of the camera;
  • the browser works quite slowly, especially compared to similar models of other manufacturers;
  • the quality of the pictures is lame, with a slight increase, grainy becomes immediately noticeable, the video looks fine only on a small screen of the device, it looks very bad on the computer.

nokia c2 mobile phone

Summing up

Target audience Nokia C2 - users,which are important multimedia entertainment, the ability to communicate in social networks and using e-mail regardless of their location, support for 3G and affordable phone prices.

However, in fact, he does not show himselfwhen working with the Internet, and when performing basic functions - calls, SMS. Rare photos and infrequent views of sites - weather, news or checking mail - that's the maximum of its capabilities.