/ / "Turboknopka" (MTS): description and connection of the service

"Turboknopka" (MTS): description and connection of the service

Now we will talk about the fact thatis a service "Turboknopka" (MTS). This option has several interpretations. And depending on them, the services that are activated with the help of "Turboknopki" are changing. Not much, but still. Precisely, we can say only one thing - this package serves specifically for mobile Internet. And so many subscribers who use the World Wide Web from the phone find it very useful. What is Turboknopka (MTS)?

turbofan mts

general description

As already mentioned, we are dealing with some kind ofa package of options designed specifically for mobile Internet. And here there are two options. Firstly, Turboknopka is an unlimited connection speed for a certain period of time. That is, if you need a high-speed connection for a short time, you can easily get it.

Secondly, it is Internet traffic. For example, there is "Turboknopka" on the MTS 500 MB. In this case, you will receive additional megabytes of Internet traffic for a certain period of time. Pay only the cost of the package and then rejoice at the result. Quietly swing data on this volume. Too it is extremely useful. Now we will consider in more detail every opportunity that the Turboknopka (MTS) is capable of giving.


Let's start, perhaps, with speed. The thing is that this package is not very popular among the company's subscribers. After all, it removes only the limitations on downloading speed data. And the service is too short. For the traffic still have to pay extra.

turbofonk on mts 500 mb

"Turboknopka" (MTS) is 20 minutes of absencespeed limits. This service is worth only 19 rubles. In principle, not bad. But often it is not used. After all, it is much more convenient to connect yourself some kind of tariff for the mobile Internet.

This "Turboknopka" is activated with the help ofUSSD request. On your mobile phone, dial * 165 # and press the "Call" button. A few minutes of waiting - and you will receive an alert about successful connection. You can download data and files from the Internet for 20 minutes from the phone without any speed limit. Please note that you must have sufficient funds on your account. The subscription fee is debited immediately after activation.


And now a little about traffic. The most minimal and unpopular proposal is "Turboknopka" on MTS of 100 MB. In this case, you get additional traffic of 100 megabytes for 24 hours from the moment of activation of the offer. This service is worth only 30 rubles. Sometimes it can be extremely useful.

Activate it follows, as in the previous (aalso in all subsequent cases using a USSD request. This time the combination will be somewhat longer. You dial on the mobile device * 111 * 05 * 1 # and wait for the result of processing the operation. Practice shows that such a small "Turboknopka" is not in great demand. But there are more profitable and voluminous proposals.

Average value

For example, "Turboknopka 500" (MTS). As soon as it connects, the subscriber receives 500 MB of Internet traffic for the World Wide Web. To be honest, this is a more interesting proposal. And it works much longer than the previous one. How many? 30 days. For a month, you also receive traffic for the Internet.

turbo button on mts 2 gb

The cost of this service increases approximatelyup to 95-100 rubles. In different regions of Russia there are various price lists. But on the whole they are not very different. For you to turn on the "Turbobnopka" on the MTS 500 MB, you need to print and send for processing * 167 #. This is already a more popular and successful offer from a mobile operator. But there are also other options for especially active Internet users from mobile devices. What is it about?

Almost maximum

For example, about a proposal called"Turboknopka" on the MTS 2 GB. As in all past cases, it serves to obtain a certain amount of traffic to a mobile phone. This time it will be 2 GB. This proposal is recommended for all gadgets that you can imagine. Practice shows that most often "Turboknopka" on MTS 2 GB is connected for use on tablets.

The package is valid for 30 days. But the subscription fee is increasing here. And already noticeably - almost 2.5 times. The thing is that "Turboknopka 2 GB" costs 250 rubles. In principle, it is also not too expensive. If you also remove the speed limits for 20 minutes, you can only rejoice.

turbo button 500 mts

Activation occurs through the already familiar to usrequests. Now the combination you need to type looks like * 168 #. Pay attention immediately - the offer applies only to home regions. When traveling "Turboknopka" does not make any sense.


The last offer from MTS remains. Just it is in great demand among subscribers who prefer to work with limit Internet on tablets and computers. It's about the service "Turboknopka" (MTS) for 5 GB of traffic.

Recently, the limit for this proposal wasincreased. Previously, under similar conditions, subscribers were given only 3 GB of traffic. Now, for just 450 rubles, you get 5 gigabytes of additional Internet for a month (specifically, 30 days). To successfully connect, you will need to dial * 169 #.

turbofan on mts 100 mb

Please note that you can not acquireone SIM card at once with several offers of "Turboknopki" for traffic. The only exception is the very first version of 100 MB. If you try to connect several "Turboboots 100" at once, then the traffic will be summed. Consider this. This is a useful function for MTS. Of course, if you often use the Internet, it will be better to choose a tariff plan for him.