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Overview of the Lenovo 369i. Specifications and reviews

Wanting to reduce the cost of devices, the manufacturersometimes cuts down a lot of important characteristics. Although Lenovo is not famous for such actions, they also have similar experience in the 369. In order to correct the mistake, the company reworked the smartphone and released an analog with the prefix i at the end. What came of it?


Lenovo 369i

The appearance of the Lenovo 369i is pretty inconspicuous. The device cannot boast of special delights, but also to say that the design is bad, difficult. It is quite expected in a cheap apparatus appearance.

Somewhat improves the impression quality plastic. The material allows the body to look much more expensive. Also, the presence of a textured panel on the back avoids fingerprints.

Highlights in the placement of external parts are notis observed. The front has a display, touch buttons, a speaker, sensors, a microphone, a company logo, but you should forget about the front camera. The camera on the front side is missing.

The back of the textured plastic placed on a camera, a company sign and a speaker. Flash in the Lenovo 369i is not provided.

At the top of the device, the company tried to install everything at once: USB sockets and headphones, as well as a power button. Volume control is located on the right side.

Definitely, the solution to collect all commonly used parts in one bottle is not the best. It's good that the headphone jack is located far from the power button.


Lenovo 369i Specifications

Immediately it should be mentioned that the device was released in 2013, and you should not wait for a good screen from Lenovo 369i. The characteristics are pretty mediocre: just 4 inches with a resolution of 800 by 480.

The screen is quite small, and the image will have topeering, but there is another problem - the pixels. Outdated TFT technology does not enhance the experience. Even with a small angle of inclination, the image fades and is distorted.


Like most of Lenovo’s smartphonesThe 369i is equipped with an MTK processor. The device operates at a frequency of 1.3 GHz, which, in principle, not bad. Compared with its predecessor, the RAM has also increased. Now the gadget has as many as 512 instead of 256 MB.

The hardware part is enough for simple tasks and work with most applications. Expect more from a cheap phone is not worth it.

The owner expects an unpleasant surprise in the form of 4 GBnative memory. But in fact, approximately 2 GB is available. The only way out is to increase the volume of the memory card. The device works reasonably well with a 32 GB flash drive.


Lenovo 369i reviews

The device is equipped with a camera just twomegapixels. Even for a budget smartphone in 2013, this is a terribly bad feature. Actually, talking about quality is not necessary. Most likely, the owner will not even resort to this function.


The device supports the most necessary networks, andeven 3G. A nice detail is working with two SIM cards. Although when you call the second card will go into standby mode, since the radio module in the device is one.

The smartphone also supports Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth. Complaining about the small number of communication methods is not covered.


The device operates under the guidance of Android 4.2. Given the stuffing, such a system is enough for Lenovo 369i. The firmware has updates, however, they will not bring big changes.

Above the "Android" is the interface of the company. In addition to the shell, there are some useful applications in the Lenovo 369i. Some of the programs installed by the manufacturer will not be possible to uninstall without root-rights.


Smartphone battery is no differentpower, but the phone is not particularly demanding. In the mode of active use of the charge, there will be enough hours for 5-6, and with minimum operation the battery will last two days.

In addition to increase the duration of life will help simple actions. For example, reducing the brightness of the display and killing unnecessary tasks, you can significantly extend the work.


In the appendage to the device are headphones, adapter, instructions, USB cable. Unfortunately, the owner will need additional expenses to purchase a flash drive and, possibly, a better-quality headset.


The cost of the phone is quite democratic and fluctuates around 3-4 thousand rubles. Although some phone capabilities are lame, the price more than smooths sharp corners.


The main advantage of the device is work with two SIM cards. For a cheap machine, this is a very nice feature.

The cost also leaves no one indifferent. For the minimum price, the user will receive not only a good communication tool, but also a capable smartphone.


Significantly more negatives in the phone. The same camera is puzzling. Greater confusion would only have caused her absence. Perhaps the manufacturer should have abandoned the camera in favor of improving another parameter.

A minimum of native memory does not improve impressions. Allocated to the user 2 GB is enough only to install the most necessary programs.


Lenovo 369i firmware

The owners are not the bestimpressions of the Lenovo 369i. Reviews, despite the very affordable price, are full of a description of negative qualities. It is easy to understand user dissatisfaction, but it’s not worth waiting for the incredible from the budget device.

The result

The device turned out somewhat one-sided, more inside of communication, but the main task performs perfectly. 369i can be considered one of the cheapest creations "Lenovo". Without a doubt, the smartphone will find its target audience.