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How to disconnect the Internet on Megafon in various ways - and not only?

Often after writing off a large sum of moneythe question arises in the unlucky subscriber: how to disconnect the Internet on Megafon? The main problem here lies in the fact that regardless of whether you use the service or not, the subscription fee is withheld from you. First time it is invisible. But after a month you understand that there is an overexpenditure of money resources, which is associated with services that you used for a short time, and then forgot to turn it off. All possible options for performing this operation will be considered in the framework of this article. Also paid attention to connecting the Internet.

How to disconnect the Internet on MegaFon?


To get started, you need to set up the Internet for"Megaphone". In most cases, everything happens automatically. The first time the phone or smartphone is turned on in the mobile operator's network, the system of searching for the necessary parameters in its database is launched. Once they are, they are sent to the subscriber. Then they need to be accepted and saved. In some, extremely rare cases, this does not happen. Whether the device is not certified, or the necessary settings are not yet available in the database. How to set up unlimited Internet on Megafon, for example, in this situation? Call the operator at 0500 and ask to send the necessary data. Then we accept them and save them.

In extreme cases, you can do everything manually. To do this, go to the network connection and create a new profile. The name we give to your taste. In the APN field, type internet. The MCC and MNC parameters are set to "250" and "03", respectively. All other values ​​are left by default. After making the settings, it is recommended to reboot the device. Then you need to activate the data transfer service. This can be done in two ways: by calling the operator or using a request. The first method is simpler, so it is recommended to use it. We call to the same number 0500 and fill out the application form. When you activate the service, you will receive a text message.

How to set up unlimited Internet on Megafon?

Why it is necessary to disconnect?

Before disconnecting the Internet on Megafon,find out why it is important to do so. The problem here is one: the daily withdrawal of the monthly fee. For one day it's not so much. But if you collect the amount for a month, then everything will fall into place. Therefore, in order not to get into such an unpleasant situation, it is recommended to disable this service in cases when you do not need it.


The easiest way to solve this problem is by using a calloperator. In this case, the algorithm is as follows. As soon as you no longer need access to the global web, call the operator on the same number 0500. After establishing the connection, please disable this service for this number. Once all the necessary actions are performed, you will receive a text message that the Internet is disabled. The main advantages of a call to the operator are simplicity and accessibility. Also, nothing will be withdrawn from your account for this.

We use the query

Another simple way to disable Internet access is to use special requests. Their format depends on the used tariff plan and can be as follows:

  • * 105 * 450 * 0 # - bezlim for the phone.
  • * 105 * 282 * 0 # - bezlim for the smartphone with 70 MB.
  • * 105 * 980 * 0 # - bezlim for a smartphone with 100 MB.
  • * 105 * 981 * 0 # - bezlim for the smartphone with 200 MB.

In the end, we press the "Call" button. Then the message should come that the provision of such a service for this number is suspended.

Set up the Internet on Megafon.

Service Guide

Another way to disconnect the Internet is to"Megafone" is the use of the "Service Guide" system. With the help of it, you can also refuse on the Internet from this service. In this case, the order of deactivation of access to the global web is as follows. First you need a computer or a laptop that is connected to the Internet. Then start the browser and go to the official website of the operator "Megaphone". Choose your region in the corresponding drop-down list. Next, we need to register. To do this, click on the word "Personal Cabinet". A window opens in which you enter the mobile phone number, password and captcha. This is done once when you first log into the system. Then simply enter the phone number and password in the appropriate fields on the main page. Then the main window of the "Service Guide" will open. Here we find the section "Services and Tariff". In it we choose "Change of tariff options". We find the ordered services and turn off the flag opposite to them. After that we leave the system. In most cases, almost immediately a message comes about disabling Internet access, but sometimes it takes time.

How to disconnect the Internet on MegaFon?

Let's sum up the results

Within the framework of this material, threeway of how to disconnect the Internet on Megafon. The easiest way to do this is to make an unprepared subscriber using a standard telephone call to the operator on 0500. If you know the format of the request, it is much more convenient to use it. And it's more difficult to do all this with the "Service Guide" system. It is worth paying attention only as a last resort.